Mt. Shuksan Climb Washington  •  9,127'  •  2782m
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Mt. Shuksan Climbs with International Mountain Guides

North Cascades National Park

Mt. Shuksan is one of the most photographed mountains in the US. Its picturesque peak not only allows for amazing views but also creates a special climbing environment. From glacier climbing to alpine rock, Mt. Shuksan has it all.

Sulphide Glacier 4-Day Climb

The Sulphide Glacier Route program gives climbers an opportunity to practice both glacial climbing skills such as cramponing, ice axe arrest, and rope team travel as well as test themselves on alpine rock. The Sulphide Glacier is a mellow cascading glacier on Mt. Shuksan, and is perfect for both novice climbers and those wanting to gain more technical experience before attempting bigger objectives.

  • The easiest way up the mountain
  • The best route for first time climbers
  • One full day to train and prepare
  • A great preparatory climb for Mt. Rainier and beyond

Fisher Chimneys 4-Day Climb

The Fisher Chimneys is an intermediate climb perfect for experienced climbers wanting to gain more technical experience before attempting bigger objectives. Both the approach and the summit climb will involve technical climbing as well as some glacier travel on the White Salmon glacier.

  • A little steeper and a bit more objective hazard than the Sulphide Glacier
  • A beautiful approach through pristine forest up to the base of the glacier
  • Experience climbing 4th class rock and moderately steep snow/ice, good fitness and aptitude is required


Safety is our number one priority. We make no guarantees with respect to the program objectives. Many circumstances, including weather and abilities of yourself or other climbers may inhibit you from reaching the summit. Our goal is to give each of our customers the best experience we possibly can, regardless of the weather, route conditions, or time of year.


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