Aconcagua Climb Argentina • 22,840' • 6962m
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Aconcagua Climb with International Mountain Guides

International Mountain Guides is the oldest and most respected high-altitude guide service in the world and has been operating successfully since 1975. In choosing IMG for your Aconcagua climb, you are going with the highest quality expedition, the most capable and qualified guides, and a highly personalized guide service that strives to limit risk and maximize success while conducting a fun, memorable team climb.

We have been guiding on Aconcagua continuously for longer than any other guide service. IMG was one of the first companies to pioneer the Relinchos Valley route more than thirty years ago when there was almost no one on Aconcagua. We also had some of the first guides in the Guanacos Valley.

Over the course of almost 40 years, IMG has had one of the highest, if not the highest success rates for reaching the top. That's no accident. We choose to not run dozens of Aconcagua expeditions a year, nor do we run hundreds of clients through our program. We focus on a personalized, professional, high-end experience. We want to build a relationship with our clients and give them the best possible service with the highest chance of success. Our goal is mutual as IMG guides genuinely love to summit! There IS a difference between our expeditions and those of other guide services. We welcome you to look closely at what we offer and see why we are the best company for you.

Aconcagua was closed in 2021 due to Covid, and for 2022 we will climb the Horcones Valley (Normal Route) due to the Aconcagua National Park only opening that route. While not our first choice, we will do our best to make this a memorable climb, with the addition of extra porters above Base Camp and using the helicopter from Base Camp at the end of the climb.

Why Choose IMG?

Our goal is to minimize risk while helping as many team members as possible reach their goal, and we invest in the personnel and equipment that will make this happen. We value our reputation as the premier international climbing company and we only put programs in place that measure up to our own highest standards. If you would like to join a world class team on Aconcagua, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your goals and qualifications and secure an exciting role for yourself on our team.

Our goal has always been to send our clients away with fond memories of an arduous but enjoyable expedition. Foremost, our concern while on the mountain is always minimizing risk, and we go out of our way to take all the necessary precautions to be able to deal with any situation that may occur while on the expedition.

Our other main goal is to give our clients every reasonable chance of summiting. To achieve this second goal, we have chosen a slightly slower on-mountain schedule which allows all team members to acclimatize fully and naturally. We have inserted a few rest days into the itinerary which allows us to acclimatize naturally. We also have scheduled extra summit contingency days to give us more room to deal with inclement weather. The pursuit of these goals has allowed us an impeccable safety record and a success rate that is well above the average of other guided and non-guided mountain groups.

Aconcagua: The Stone Sentinel

Aconcagua is one of the great mountains of the world. At 22,841 feet tall it is the highest mountain in the southern and western hemispheres and is the tallest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas. Given the opposing climbing seasons and day/night time difference between Argentina and the Himalayas, when you summit Aconcagua, odds are good you'll be higher than any other person on the planet. Not a bad perspective from which to gaze over Argentina, Chile and the southern Andean range. That rarified view has to be earned though! Only Everest is more topographically prominent than Aconcagua (meaning it is BIG compared to its surroundings), the weather conditions can be among the more difficult in the world, and the climb requires skill and endurance. Being one of the coveted seven summits, Aconcagua attracts climbers from all over the globe to challenge their strength and abilities to tag the top.

On this big peak, we follow impressive footprints. Although there is no proof that the Incans ever summited Aconcagua, it is generally accepted that they have at least been very high on the mountain. There is evidence of the Incas being at the top of many high Andean mountains and a well-preserved mummy was found at 17,060 feet along Aconcagua's Southwest Ridge. The first non-native expeditions to the mountain didn't begin until 1833 when a prominent German alpinist Paul Gussfeldt made an unsuccessful attempt. It was a long stretch to the first successful summit in 1896-97 when a team under the leadership of Edward Fitzgerald placed renowned Swiss mountain guide Matthias Zurbriggen on top. That made Aconcagua the highest mountain to have been climbed at the time. The great South Face of Aconcagua was later climbed by a French expedition under the leadership of Rene Ferlet in 1954, not long after the French summited the first of the 8000-meter peaks, Annapurna.

Our expeditions are staged in the unique and welcoming town of Mendoza which offers all the amenities for a comfortable and fun stay. Argentina has a culture known for great food and wine, relaxed nature, and hospitality. IMG has spent years perfecting our logistics in order to offer you the best expedition possible, taking advantage of all that the mountain and area have to offer. In doing so, we have created an almost unparalleled success rate while maintaining our flawless safety record. Your trust is well placed with International Mountain Guides.

Expedition Prerequisites and Logistics

Prior knowledge of ice axe arrest, cramponing and rope team travel is required. Past experience with cold weather camping, multi-day expeditions and some altitude experience is also quite helpful. This climb is not overly difficult technically but does require excellent physical conditioning and the ability to carry a heavy mountaineering pack. Please see more in our Aconcagua FAQ »


Joining a high-altitude expedition is a serious decision. You should be completely confident in the organization and leadership before you make that decision. Many of you have climbed with us before elsewhere in the world, and because your experience was good, you've decided to join us again. For those of you who haven't climbed with us before, we strongly encourage you to interview us thoroughly and also talk to our past customers. We are happy to provide you with a complete list of references, and the meantime, please browse our featured client comments »

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