Aconcagua Climb Argentina • 22,840' • 6962m

IMG Aconcagua Climb Horcones Valley Route Itinerary

Day Date 2022 Itinerary
Day 1Saturday, Jan 8Depart from Home
Day 2Sunday, Jan 9Arrive Mendoza, gear checks
Day 3Monday, Jan 10Secure Climbing Permits, pack, gear checks
Day 4Tuesday, Jan 11Depart Mendoza for the town of Penitentes (8,940ft)
Day 5Wednesday, Jan 12Penitentes to Confluencia (10,826ft) 3-4 hours
Day 6Thursday, Jan 13Acclimatization / Active rest day at Confluencia
Day 7Friday, Jan 14Confluencia to Plaza De Mulas (13,976ft) 6-8 hours
Day 8Saturday, Jan 15Plaza De Mulas Acclimatization
Day 9Sunday, Jan 16Carry to Camp Canada and return to Plaza De Mulas
Day 10Monday, Jan 17Plaza De Mulas Rest Day
Day 11Tuesday, Jan 18Move to Camp Canada (16,108ft)
Day 12Wednesday, Jan 19Move to Nido De Condores (17,244ft)
Day 13Thursday, Jan 20Nido De Condores — Rest Day
Day 14Friday, Jan 21Carry to Camp Cholera and return to Nido De Condores
Day 15Saturday, Jan 22Move to Camp Cholera (19,587ft)
Day 16Sunday, Jan 23Summit (22,842ft) and return to Camp Cholera
Day 17Monday, Jan 24Descend to Plaza De Mulas
Day 18Tuesday, Jan 25Helicopter to Penitentes, return to Mendoza, get Covid test
Day 19Wednesday, Jan 26Depart Mendoza for Home
Day 20Thursday, Jan 27Contingency
Day 21Friday, Jan 28Contingency
Day 22Saturday, Jan 29Contingency
Day 23Sunday, Jan 30


Please Note: This is a probable but tentative itinerary. Our exact schedule may change depending on factors including weather and group ability.

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