Aconcagua Climb Argentina • 22,840' • 6962m

IMG Aconcagua Climb Itineraries

For the 2023-24 season, we will be offering scheduled climbs via the False Polish Guanacos Variation Route and also the Horcones Valley Normal Route. The False Polish Route team will climb from one side of the mountain to High Camp and the summit, and then descend the Normal Route. The Normal Route team will ascend and descend from the same side of the mountain. Plan to arrive no later than Day 1 for gear checks and review of the details for the expedition. We spend two days in Mendoza making final preparations and doing our mandatory National Park check in where we will obtain our permits. Our expedition gets underway with a drive to the Park Entrance where we will repack loads for the mules. The rate of ascent will be dictated by the weather, the strength of the group, and our rate of acclimatization. All climbing decisions will be made by the guides, with the best interest of the group in mind. A good weather expedition might take 18 days on the mountain. Average time is 20 days, and 22-23 days is not unusual.

False Polish Guanacos Variation Route
Day Trip 1 Trip 2 Itinerary
128-Dec-202330-Dec-2023Arrive to Mendoza, gear checks, overnight at Hyatt hotel (or similar)
229-Dec-202331-Dec-2023Secure Climbing Permits, pack, gear checks, overnight at Hyatt hotel (or similar)
330-Dec-20231-Jan-2024Depart Mendoza for the town of Penitentes (8,940ft), hotel near trailhead
431-Dec-20232-Jan-2024Penitentes to Pampa de Leñas (9,678')
51-Jan-20243-Jan-2024Pampa de Leñas to Casa de Piedras (10,629')
62-Jan-20244-Jan-2024Casa de Piedras to Plaza Argentina baseCamp (13,800').
73-Jan-20245-Jan-2024Rest day at Plaza Argentina.
84-Jan-20246-Jan-2024Carry to Camp I (16,372').
95-Jan-20247-Jan-2024Move to Camp I
106-Jan-20248-Jan-2024Carry to Camp II(17,953') via the Ameghino col.
117-Jan-20249-Jan-2024Move to Camp II
128-Jan-202410-Jan-2024Carry to Camp III/Cholera (19,587')
139-Jan-202411-Jan-2024Rest/acclimatization day at Camp II
1410-Jan-202412-Jan-2024Move to Camp Cholera (19,587')
1511-Jan-202413-Jan-2024Summit (22,842') and return to Camp Cholera
1612-Jan-202414-Jan-2024Descend to Plaza De Mulas
1713-Jan-202415-Jan-2024Trek out from Plaza De Mulas, overnight at hotel in Mendoza
1814-Jan-202416-Jan-2024Depart Mendoza for Home
1915-Jan-202417-Jan-2024Contingency Summit Day
2016-Jan-202418-Jan-2024Contingency Summit Day
2117-Jan-202419-Jan-2024Contingency Summit Day
2218-Jan-202420-Jan-2024Contingency Summit Day


Horcones Valley Normal Route
Day Trip 3 Itinerary
122-Jan-2024Arrive Mendoza, gear checks, overnight at Hyatt hotel (or similar)
223-Jan-2024Secure Climbing Permits, pack, gear checks, overnight at Hyatt hotel (or similar)
324-Jan-2024Depart Mendoza for the town of Penitentes (8,940'), hotel near trailhead
425-Jan-2024Penitentes to Confluencia (10,826') 3-4 hours
526-Jan-2024Acclimatization / Active rest day at Confluencia
627-Jan-2024Confluencia to Plaza De Mulas (13,976') 6-8 hours
728-Jan-2024Plaza De Mulas Acclimatization
829-Jan-2024Carry to Camp Canada and return to Plaza De Mulas
930-Jan-2024Plaza De Mulas Rest Day
1031-Jan-2024Move to Camp Canada (16,108')
111-Feb-2024Move to Nido De Condores (17,244')
122-Feb-2024Nido De Condores - Rest Day
133-Feb-2024Carry to Camp Cholera and return to Nido De Condores
144-Feb-2024Move to Camp Cholera (19,587')
155-Feb-2024Summit (22,842') and return to Camp Cholera
166-Feb-2024Descend to Plaza De Mulas
177-Feb-2024Trek out from Plaza De Mulas, overnight at hotel in Mendoza
188-Feb-2024Depart Mendoza for Home
199-Feb-2024Contingency Summit Day
2010-Feb-2024Contingency Summit Day
2111-Feb-2024Contingency Summit Day
2212-Feb-2024Contingency Summit Day