Mt. Rainier AIARE Avalanche 1 Course WA • 14,410' • 4392m
Gear List

Rainier AIARE Avalanche 1 Course Gear List

Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand its function; consult with us before you make any substitutions. Several of the more specialized items (i.e. plastic double-boots, crampons, ice axe) can be rented from us at the IMG base in Ashford. Please consult our Rental Information.

Avalanche Rescue Gear:
[  ]Avalanche Beacon*
[  ]Collapsible Avalanche Shovel
[  ]Collapsible Avalanche Probe

On-snow Travel Gear
[  ]Snowshoes* with Winter Hiking Boots or
[  ]Skis with Alpine Touring Bindings, AT Boots, and Skins or
[  ]Skis with Telemark Bindings, Telemark Boots, and Skins or
[  ]Splitboard, Snowboard Boots, and Skins

[  ]Warm Hat or Beanie
[  ]Sun Hat
[  ]Synthetic Base Layer Top and Bottoms
[  ]Soft Shell Jacket*
[  ]Hard Shell Jacket*
[  ]Soft Shell Pants
[  ]Hard Shell Pants*
[  ]Light Gloves
[  ]Warm Snow Gloves*
[  ]Warm Socks

Additional Gear
[  ]Goggles and/or Sunglasses*
[  ]Two Trekking/Ski Poles with large baskets*
[  ]25-35L Backpack
[  ]2 Liters of Water (Two 1 L wide mouth water bottles recommended)
[  ]Lunch and Snack Food
[  ]Sunscreen (at least SPF 30)
[  ]Lip Balm
[  ]Headlamp

Optional Gear
[  ]Snow Saw
[  ]Snow Study Kit
[  ]Camera
[  ]Map and Compass
[  ]Ski Helmet

*Available for Rent:

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