Denali Expedition Alaska  •  20,310'  •  6190m
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IMG Denali West Buttress Expedition

Denali is the tallest mountain in North America and one of the most coveted of the fabled Seven Summits. In 2024, IMG Denali will conduct eight scheduled expeditions via the West Buttress Route. If a custom expedition would better suit the needs of you and your team, we offer Custom Programs for private teams of one or more climbers, please reach out to us directly for further details.

IMG Denali's owners were some of the first to guide on Denali back in the 1970's, and our current Denali guides share our thirty-five years of IMG company culture for safety, summits, and great customer service. Unlike many of our competitors, at IMG Denali, expeditions will be structured at a higher guide ratio of 1 guide per 2 climbers with a maximum 8 climbers led by 4 guides. This 2:1 ratio provides our teams with additional flexibility and a higher level of support.

We are available for personal consultation throughout the planning stages of your expedition. IMG Denali was created with the philosophy that a personal touch and attention to detail is integral in creating a successful expedition, especially one as serious as Denali.

The Climb

Denali is one of the most physically difficult climbs of the Seven Summits. Unlike many of the others, on Denali there are no porters to help you carry loads. You will be responsible for your personal equipment and your share of the group gear, food, and fuel. Climbers generally begin the expedition with approximately 120 pounds per person, split between your sled and backpack and as such, it is imperative that climbers be in excellent physical condition. There is no easy way off the expedition once it begins. The Park Service only allows helicopters for true emergencies, so you cannot call for a helicopter pickup because you do not wish to continue. Please plan on coming prepared for the conditions ahead. We recommend that climbers participate in an Expedition Prep Seminar to better anticipate the conditions ahead.

The Guides

The IMG Denali guides are chosen for their past experience, but that is just one part of the equation. They are often the same guides leading our Himalayan, Vinson, South American, and Rainier programs. Joining these guides on Denali will allow you to continue a relationship that you have built with them on other programs, or to start building a rapport with guides prior to a Himalayan climb, Vinson expedition, or one of our many other expeditions.


We had climbed roped, simultaneously, front-pointing forever into a revived storm and relentless wind. Everything was cold, even our souls. Frostbite was waiting to jump at the slightest sign of weakness, but both of us played our own winning game with it. McKinley's climate is tough. We were drawing heavily on all our Himalayan experience just to survive, and it was a respectful pair that finally stood on the summit ridge...
~Dougal Haston on his 1976 climb with Doug Scott "American Alpine Journal", 1977


International Mountain Guides, LLC provides booking services for IMG Denali, LLC, an authorized concessioner of Denali National Park and Preserve.