Tibet Trek to Cho Oyu and Everest  •  21,000'  •  6400m

2019 Tibet Trek and Cho Oyu Expedition Tentative Itinerary

Day Date Climbers Trekkers
1Monday, Aug 26Arrive KathmanduArrive Kathmandu
2Tuesday, Aug 27Visa day 1Visa day 1
3Wednesday, Aug 28Visa day 2Visa day 2
4Thursday, Aug 29Visa day 3Visa day 3
5Friday, Aug 30Drive to ShyabrubesiDrive to Shyabrubesi
6Saturday, Aug 31Cross border and drive to KyirongCross border and drive to Kyirong
7Sunday, Sep 1Acclimatization day hikeAcclimatization day hike
8Monday, Sep 2Drive to upper KyirongDrive to upper Kyirong
9Tuesday, Sep 3Acclimatization dayAcclimatization day
10Wednesday, Sep 4Drive to TingriDrive to Tingri
11Thursday, Sep 5Acclimatization dayAcclimatization day
12Friday, Sep 6Drive to Base CampDrive to Base Camp
13Saturday, Sep 7Acclimatization hikeAcclimatization hike
14Sunday, Sep 8Acclimatization hikeAcclimatization hike
15Monday, Sep 9Acclimatization hikeAcclimatization hike
16Tuesday, Sep 10Trek to Interim campTrek to Interim camp
17Wednesday, Sep 11Trek to ABCTrek to ABC
18Thursday, Sep 12Acclimatization day — restAcclimatization day — rest
19Friday, Sep 13Acclimatization hikeAcclimatization hike
20Saturday, Sep 14Acclimatization hike Acclimatization hike
21Sunday, Sep 15Climb to camp 1Climb to camp 1, descend to ABC
22Monday, Sep 16Return to advance base campMove to Rongbuk (Everest BC)
23Tuesday, Sep 17RestShigatse
24Wednesday, Sep 18RestLhasa
25Thursday, Sep 19RestTour Potala Palace and Jokhang
26Friday, Sep 20Camp 1Tour Sera monastery and Norbu Linka
27Saturday, Sep 21Camp 2Fly to KTM
28Sunday, Sep 22Climb towards C3; descend to C1
29Monday, Sep 23Return to ABC
30Tuesday, Sep 24Rest
31Wednesday, Sep 25Rest
32Thursday, Sep 26Rest
33Friday, Sep 27Rest
34Saturday, Sep 28Camp 1
35Sunday, Sep 29Camp 2
36Monday, Sep 30Camp 3
37Tuesday, Oct 1Summit and Camp 2
38Wednesday, Oct 2ABC
39Thursday, Oct 3ABC — rest
40Friday, Oct 4ABC — pack. Yaks arrive
41Saturday, Oct 5Trek to Interim and drive to Tingri
42Sunday, Oct 6Drive to Kyirong, Tibet
43Monday, Oct 7Drive to Kathmandu