Bhutan Laya Gasa Lingshi Trek  
Gear List

IMG Bhutan Trek Gear List

[  ]Two large duffel bags with locks and name tags. Also, write your name in large block letters directly on the duffel bags with a permanent marking pen.
[  ]A secure travel wallet
[  ]Internal frame pack for the trek. Not too small. You will need to carry clothes, water bottle, camera, snacks, etc. for each day. I usually carry a smaller rucksack as my airline carry-on, in addition.
[  ]Sleeping bag. Reasonably warm. Rated to about zero degrees.
[  ]Thermarest pad.
[  ]Comfortable hiking boots. You'll be walking for several hours every day.
[  ]Camp shoes. A tennis shoe is fine.
[  ]Gaiters. Not a bad idea if we encounter any snow or mud.
[  ]Four sets of socks for your hiking boots.
[  ]Collapsible ski poles. Not required but lots of people fine these very nice for trekking.
[  ]Down or synthetic parka. Doesn't have to be too heavy but you will want one for evenings in camp.
[  ]Shell jacket with hood. Gore-tex or equivalent.
[  ]Heavy fleece jacket.
[  ]Two polypro shirts. Zip neck turtle necks are the way to go.
[  ]A couple of t-shirts and/or a Supplex nylon trekking shirt.
[  ]Shell pants with full length leg zippers. Gore-tex or equivalent.
[  ]Mid-weight climbing pants.
[  ]Polypro long john bottoms.
[  ]Supplex nylon hiking pants/shorts are also nice.
[  ]Wool or fleece stocking hat.
[  ]Bandana and baseball hat.
[  ]Ski gloves (Like the Alti by Outdoor Research) and a pair of light polypro gloves.
[  ]Headlamp with extra batteries and spare bulb.
[  ]Good sunglasses.
[  ]Two rolls of toilet paper and consider a pee bottle.
[  ]Light weight toilet articles.
[  ]Two wide mouth water bottles.
[  ]Iodine tablets or crystals for water purification.
[  ]Small hand towel.
[  ]I like to bring my own insulated drinking mug.
[  ]Earplugs are not a bad idea.
[  ]Camera and extra battery.
[  ]Pocket knife, alarm wrist watch (Suunto) and a Bic lighter.
[  ]Personal first aid kit. This should include moleskin, a couple of band-aids, aspirin or Motrin, etc. Perscription drugs: two regimens of the antibiotic for respiratory and GI problems (azithromycin "Z-Pak"), Imodium for diarrhea, and some cold tablets. You may also want to bring a few 125 mg. Diamox tablets for altitude problems. Please talk to your physician.
[  ]Stash or personal munchie foods. This can include candy bars, energy bars, powdered drink mixes, etc.