Vinson Massif Climb Antarctica  •  16,067'  •  4897m

IMG Vinson Massif Climb Itinerary

Day Date Vinson Massif Itinerary
Day 1Monday, Dec 4, 2023Arrive to Punta Arenas, Chile by mid-day. Covid testing. Night spent at the hotel in Punta Arenas.
Day 2Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023Final equipment checks and preparations. Covid testing. Night spent at the hotel in Punta Arenas.
Day 3Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023Pre-departure day, luggage pick up, briefing, Covid testing. Night spent at the hotel in Punta Arenas.
Day 4Thursday, Dec 7, 2023Flight to Union Glacier, Antarctica. Transfer as soon as weather permits to Vinson Base Camp in a twin-engine Otter. Camp at Vinson Base. (7,000 ft.)
Day 5Friday, Dec 8, 2023Carry to Camp 1 (9,500 ft.). We cache gear here and descend to Vinson Base for the night.
Day 6Saturday, Dec 9, 2023Move to Camp 1
Day 7Sunday, Dec 10, 2023Carry to Camp 2 via fixed lines (12,373 ft.). This is the location of our high camp and we leave a cache here and then descend to Camp 1
Day 8Monday, Dec 11, 2023Rest Day
Day 9Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023Move to Camp 2 and set up our high camp
Day 10Wednesday, Dec 13, 2023Summit Climb. We will return to Camp 2 for the night
Day 11Thursday, Dec 14, 2023Pack up all gear and descend to Vinson Base Camp. This takes the bulk of the day. We camp here at base camp for the night
Day 12Friday, Dec 15, 2023Contingency *
Day 13Saturday, Dec 16, 2023Contingency *
Day 14Sunday, Dec 17, 2023Contingency *
Day 15Monday, Dec 18, 2023Return flight to the Union Glacier and connect with the transport plane for our return flight to Punta Arenas. Night spent at the hotel.
Day 16Tuesday, Dec 19, 2023Depart Punta Arenas for home.

* These are contingency days that will be available to us for weather delays, additional acclimatization days or simply days for more climbing. The schedule gives us a fairly good cushion to deal with any unexpected delays or occurrences.)