Everest Base Camp Trek Rongbuk Valley, Tibet • 21,000' • 6400m
Trip Report

Tibet Trek 2006 Trip Report

IMG guide Adam Angel sends us a report from the recent ABC Trek that he led. Congrats to everyone on the trip — they all made it to ABC, the highest point in the world that can be reached trekking!!

From here, the mountain looks so doable!

by Adam Angel

In most cases getting to 21,500' above sea level means strapping on your crampons, roping up, and dusting off your old ice ax. However, on a trek to Advanced Base Camp on Mt. Everest's north side this is not the case. The world's highest trek takes you through some of the planet's most spectacular scenery and brings you up close and personal with our highest mountain. A quote from the 2006 trek to ABC that sums up the journey very well: "From here, the mountain looks so doable!"

This years trekkers were Doug Ingram, Carol Overdahl, Elizabeth Schoellkopf, Carrie Pascal, Dale Main, and Kimel Fisher. They all deserve applause for making it to ABC during one heck of a storm. The trip is long and hard, and we endured high winds and snow on our two toughest days. Tough conditions take tough character and we always melted into laughter when afternoon tea and popcorn were served up.

Even with tough conditions, the people and beauty of Tibet, the monasteries and the mountains filled our minds and hearts with wonder and content, that we were visiting one of the most incredible places on the planet. Our first class Sherpa team was always there to cater to our needs and keep us healthy for the next day of hard work. It was an incredibly rewarding and successful trip. One that we will never forget.

—Adam Angel, IMG Guide