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Iceland Trek Frequently Asked Questions

This information should answer many of your initial questions and also guide you through the next stages of preparing for the expedition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

  • Trekking Iceland
  • How should I train?

    Trekkers must be in sound "hiking shape" and capable of traveling for a full day with a modest pack (clothing, lunch, water, camera, etc). Follow a conditioning program that will strengthen your lungs, legs and heart. Any hiking you can do before the trip will be of the most value. At home, we recommend stair climbing, bike riding and walking/running hills.

  • What power adapters do I need?

    You'll need a power plug of Type F: also known as "Schuko". This socket also works with plug C and plug E. For details, please see

    You'll also want to plan on bringing a power bank for recharging your electronics. Solar panels usually do not work very well in Iceland. Charging your electronics in the Highlands is not always an option and can be expensive if available.

  • Travel and Insurance
  • Is a visa required?

    You do not need a visa for entering Iceland, however your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond your intended date of departure.

  • How do I get there?

    International Mountain Guides has worked for many years with the staff at CTT Destinations to provide professional travel service for participants in our programs. For help with your plans, we urge you to contact Ms. Pirjo Dehart at CTT Destinations: 800-909-6647 or

  • What kind of insurance do I need?

    IMG requires that all participants on international programs purchase Travel Insurance that includes coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation and medical expenses for the duration of their IMG program. We strongly recommend that you add Trip Cancellation coverage to your policy to cover cancellation (before trip starts) or interruption (after trip starts). For more information, please see our page on Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance.

    If you need assistance with the various insurance options, give Becky Kjorvestad a call in the IMG Office (360-569-2609) or email

    Note on end dates: Please extend your insurance policy to cover your trip until you return to your home country.

  • What's included in the expedition fee?

    Costs Included in Trip Fee:

    • 4 nights double accommodation in hotel in Reykjavik per the itinerary (inc. breakfast)
    • shared accommodation in huts while trekking
    • breakfast
    • lunch and dinner while trekking
    • city tour
    • puffin boat tour
    • applicable permit fees
    • park entrance fees
    • emergency satellite phone
    • IMG Guide
    • Icelandic Local Guide(s)
    • support 4x4 vehicle & driver for transporting equipment and food between huts each day
    • private transportation to and from the trailhead

    Costs Not Included in Trip Fee:

    • Flights
    • applicable visa fees
    • meals in Reykjavik
    • transportation to/from airport & to/from hotel
    • gratuities of any kind
    • personal clothing and equipment
    • additional nights before/after the stated itinerary
    • single supplements
    • REQUIRED Insurance: IMG requires that all trip participants purchase Travel Insurance for international programs that includes coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation and medical expenses for the duration of their IMG program. Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended. Trekking and mountaineering programs are true "adventure travel."

  • How much should I bring for tips?

    We will collect for a tip pool and ask the members to please contribute $300. We will collect this in Reykjavik and distribute this during the trip on behalf of the team as a thank you gift to the many unsung people that make the whole operation run smoothly. You may also wish to provide additional tip to your IMG Guide (figure 5% if you are looking for a generous number).

  • Medical Info
  • What immunizations will I need?

    No immunizations are currently required to enter Iceland. It is recommended that you consider the following:

    • Tetanus/Diphtheria: You should already have. Do you need a booster?
    • Polio: You should already have. Do you need a booster?
    • MMR: You should already have. Do you need a booster?
    • Meningitis: Recommended. Consult your physician.
    • Hepatitis A: Recommended. Consult your physician.
    • Hepatitis B: Not a bad idea. Ask your physician.
    • Cholera: Ask your physician. Not usually recommended any more.
    • Typhoid: Not a bad idea to be safe. The tablet form, Vivotif Berna, is good for five years.
    • Rabies: The new vaccine is easy. Rabies is uncommon in Iceland but can be found in bats.

    We recommend that you consult your physician, the travel clinic at a major University Hospital, or your local Public Health Department for the most up to date info on travel requirements, or check the Center for Disease Control Website at

  • What medications will I need?

    We want everyone to bring a course of the prescription antibiotic azithromycin ("Z-Pak"). Please consider this to be part of your required equipment. You should also bring some Imodium for treatment of traveler's diarrhea. Any medication should be used only if necessary and use should be discussed thoroughly with your physician and with your guide beforehand.

    We also recommend that each participant brings a small bottle of a hand disinfectant such as Purell. Anything that we can do to stay healthy is worthwhile.


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