Custom Nepal and Tibet Treks Spring and Autumn
Gear List

IMG Custom Nepal and Tibet Treks Gear List

This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for your trek. Most items are required. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute or delete items from your duffle. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully compiled by the expedition organizer. Don't cut corners on the quality of your gear.

Once you are confirmed on the roster, we will be sending Newsletters with a more comprehensive gear list with tips for each piece of equipment.

Travel Items
[  ]Duffel Bags X 2
[  ]Daypack for airline travel
[  ]Luggage Locks
[  ]Travel Wallet
[  ]Passport
[  ]Additional passport photos— at least two
[  ]Optional — cell phone with international roaming capability

Trekking Gear
[  ]Trekking Poles
[  ]Backpacks: 30-60 Liter pack
[  ]Pack Cover
[  ]Sleeping Bag

Camp Accessories
[  ]Headlamp.
[  ]Water Bottles X 2
[  ]Water Treatment
[  ]Camera
[  ]Pocket Knife.
[  ]Pee bottle

[  ]Lightweight Shoes
[  ]Hiking Boots
[  ]Gaiters
[  ]Socks X 3
[  ]Trail Crampons or Kahtoola Microspikes

[  ]Base Layer: two synthetic Long Johns, one Midweight Long John, one Expedition weight Long John
[  ]Mid Layers: For example: wool sweater, another fleece jacket, shelled vest
[  ]Shell Jacket
[  ]Shell Pants
[  ]Climbing/Trekking Pants
[  ]Warm Parka: Down or synthetic
[  ]Light hiking pants and/or hiking shorts for warm weather down low — NOT cotton
[  ]Casual Clothes: For around KTM
[  ]Bathing Suit

Clothing Accessories
[  ]Light gloves
[  ]Warm ski gloves
[  ]*Mittens: (If your hands tend to get cold)
[  ]Winter beanie
[  ]Baseball hat or sun hat
[  ]A Buff or light balaclava

Personal Accessories
[  ]Wrist Watch
[  ]Sunglasses
[  ]Ski Goggles for contact lens wearers
[  ]Vision correction: Bring extra prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them.
[  ]Skin Care
[  ]Lip Balm with sunscreen
[  ]Basic First Aid and personal
[  ]Prescription Medications:
  1. Two regimens of antibiotic for respiratory and GI problems (azithromycin "Z-Pak")
  2. Diamox (acetazolamide) for acclimatization (125 mg tabs recommended; enough for a week)
  3. Sleeping pills for the first few days of jet lag
  4. Malaria Chemophrophylaxis (not needed unless you go to low areas in Nepal or Thailand, in which case we suggest Malarone)
  5. Asthma medication, if any history (for example an Advair inhaler — many people find this VERY useful for "Khumbu Cough" bronchitis/irritation which can ruin your expedition and prevent you from climbing.)
  6. Nifedipine (for Pulmonary Edema; the 30 mg time-release x 2 tablets)
  7. Dexamethasome (for Cerebral Edema; 4 mg x 10 tablets).
[  ]Cold medicine (Sudafed, etc.)
[  ]Chloroseptic or Tessalon Perles throat lozenges
[  ]Personal Snack Food (3lbs max)
[  ]iPod, Kindle, music, lightweight book(s)
[  ]Chemical hand warmers (6)