Chamonix Alpine Climbs France

IMG Chamonix Alpine Climbs Itinerary

The trip starts and finishes in Chamonix, France. It is the responsibility of each participant to arrange transportation to Chamonix by the night prior to the starting date.

The simplest route is to fly to Geneva arriving in the morning and take a train directly from the airport to Chamonix. There is frequent daily train service. Another option is a van shuttle. This is faster and easier than the train, but a bit more expensive. When making arrangements, keep in mind the time change. It would be wise to allow a day of rest prior to the start of the program to help deal with jet lag. If you would like help with your flight arrangements, recommendations for a hotel in Geneva or Chamonix, or plan to arrive in Europe early, feel free to contact IMG's travel agent, CTT Destinations (formerly Travel Time), They are knowledgeable of our programs and will be happy to help you work out your itinerary.

Day Itinerary
Day 0

The evening prior to the starting date the guides will want to meet with the group to arrange first day objectives and assign guides. Meeting time and place to be determined at the group's convenience, but tentatively will be the lobby of the Gustavia (kitty corner from the railway station) at 7:00 p.m the evening prior to the starting date.

Day 1

Meet at the Hotel Gustavia at 8:00 a.m. Be all ready to go with alpine day pack, extra layers, lunch, water, sun protection, alpine boots, crampons, ice axe, helmet, harness and minimum 2 locking carabiners. Exact personal gear will of course be dependent on the group's objective for the day. For the entire 8 days the climb of the day will be determined based on current weather, current climbing conditions and group interest. Most days will be one day outings and back to the hotel for the evening. Plan on at least one or two overnights at a climbing hut, the most common one being the Cosmiques Hut.

The first day will be used as a warm-up and re-familiarization of techniques, with a moderate day objective and a chance to shake out the cobwebs.

Days 1-8

Listed below are just some of the many possible objectives we might choose from:

  • Petite Aguille Verte 3512 meters PD
    Approach via the Grand Montets Cable Car
    Mixed steep snow/ice and rock up to 3b (5.4+)

  • West Face of the Tour Rhonde 5.7 9 pitches
    Approach via Point Helbroner, Torino or Cosmiques Hut
    Easy glacial approach and rappel descent

  • East Ridge of Pyramid du Tacul 5.7 9 pitches
    Easy glacial approach from Aguille du Midi, Cosmiques or Torino Hut
    Rappel descent

  • Midi Plan Traverse
    Long day of snow and rock ridge climbing
    Approach from Aguille du Midi or Cosmiques

  • Arete du Cosmiques
    Classic traverse from the Cosmiques Hut to the very platform of the Aiguille du Midi station.

  • Traverse of Point Lachenal
    Ice and rock traverse
    Approached from the Midi or Cosmiques

  • Traverse of Aguille d'Entreves
    A step up in difficulty and length from the Arete du Cosmiques
    Approached via Pt. Hellbroner

  • Many routes in the Aguille Rouge:

    Crakoukass on Le Clocher 5b (5.8) 5 to 8 pitches of pure rock

    Clocher-Clochenton 4c (5.6) cool traverse with rappels and tyroleans

    Aguille du Gliere (4c) Long rock ridge climb 13 pitches

    L'Index 4b to 5b several rock routes just off of the Index lift

    East Face of the Crochues 4b 4 pitches of rock climbing reaching the traverse

Many other options are possible, depending on your experience and past climbs in Chamonix.

Day 8

End of program after the day's climbing. You will of necessity need a hotel room for this night as well. All the better to allow for a good night on the town to celebrate your successes.

Plan your departure from Chamonix no earlier than the a.m. on Day 9.

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