Annapurna IV Expedition Nepal  •  24,688'  •  7525m

IMG 2015 Annapurna IV Itinerary

Day Date Climbers
Day 127-Aug-15Arrive Kathmandu
Day 228-Aug-15Free day
Day 329-Aug-15Fly Kathmandu to Pokhara, overnight hotel
Day 430-Aug-15Fly Pokhara to Humre (Manang Airport) by charter flight overnight lodge
Day 531-Aug-15Acclimatization day
Day 61-Sep-15Day hike to Braga and Manang villages
Day 72-Sep-15Rest day
Day 83-Sep-15Trek to Annapurna IV base camp
Day 94-Sep-15Base Camp
Day 105-Sep-15Base Camp
Day 116-Sep-15Fix to camp 1
Day 127-Sep-15Carry to camp 1
Day 138-Sep-15Move to camp 1
Day 149-Sep-15Fix to camp 2
Day 1510-Sep-15Carry to camp 2
Day 1611-Sep-15Move to camp 2
Day 1712-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 1813-Sep-15Rest
Day 1914-Sep-15Rest
Day 2015-Sep-15Camp 1
Day 2116-Sep-15Camp 2
Day 2217-Sep-15Fix to camp 3
Day 2318-Sep-15Move to camp 3
Day 2419-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 2520-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2621-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2722-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2823-Sep-15Camp 1 (Sherpas to camp 2)
Day 2924-Sep-15Camp 2 (Sherpas to camp 3)
Day 3025-Sep-15Camp 3 (Sherpas fix upper mountain)
Day 3126-Sep-15Summit and back to camp 3
Day 3227-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 3328-Sep-15Contingency
Day 3429-Sep-15Contingency
Day 3530-Sep-15Contingency
Day 361-Oct-15Contingency
Day 372-Oct-15Contingency
Day 383-Oct-15Pack up base camp and return to Humre
Day 394-Oct-15Fly Manang to Pokhara and on to Kathmandu
Day 405-Oct-15Free day in Kathmandu
Day 416-Oct-15Depart Kathmandu