High Alaskan Ascents Wrangell - St. Elias NP, Alaska

IMG High Alaskan Ascents Itinerary

Day Itinerary
Day 1The group will meet in Anchorage on the afternoon of the starting date of the expedition. Arrangements will be made for us to spend the night at a local bed and breakfast (name and location to be announced). The cost of this will be up to each individual (average $40-$60). We will meet at the bed and breakfast as our flight arrivals permit. The guides will do final equipment checks and go over packing. The afternoon will be the last opportunity to pick up additional food items or gear for the trip. Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking and REI are two of the better climbing stores nearby. We will plan to get together at a nearby restaurant for dinner and a chance to learn more about our fellow teammates.
Day 2Early breakfast and departure for Chitina. Transportation to Chitina is prearranged and will cost each individual approximately $350 (2014) round trip. The drive to Chitina takes about 5 1/2 hours with a lunch stop on the way. At the Chitina airstrip, the bush pilot will pick us up and may shuttle us to his wilderness lodge, about 45 minutes flying time along the Chitina River. The night will be spent camping at the lodge and we will be provided with dinner and breakfast. In some instances, like for Mt. Bona, our selected peak is closer to the Chitina airstrip than the lodge. In these cases, we will either overnight at the airstrip (an unfurnished cabin is available), or be flown directly to the base of our objective.
Day 3Weather permitting, we will fly to our landing site on the glacier and establish a permanent base camp.
Day 4Review and training in glacier climbing skills and rope work. We want to start getting comfortable climbing as a team and begin reconnoitering our climbing objectives. A carry to the first camp location is possible.
Day 5-10Depending on weather and climbing conditions we will start the climb. This will involve establishing a high alpine camp or two above base camp during route finding missions. A carry of supplies will usually be made between each camp. The summit will take four or more days depending on weather, the route selected, route preparation (if necessary), and snow conditions.
Day 10-11If we are lucky enough to finish our summit climb early, the remaining days will be spent in exploration, ascents of smaller peaks, training in advanced skills, or simply relaxing and enjoying the mountains. The options are endless.
Day 11 or 12Pickup by our bush pilot, weather permitting. We will spend the evening of Day 11 at the bush pilot's lodge, if the group schedule permits, enjoying the sauna and a good meal. If our objective is closer to Chitina (like Mt. Bona), we will be picked up on the morning of Day 12. We will fly directly to the Chitina Airstrip and drive to Anchorage by that evening. We'll be sure to stop for showers at a nearby lodge on the way back!
Day 12Most likely our return day to Anchorage, arriving by late afternoon. The trip ends with our arrival in Anchorage, but often we try to get together at a local restaurant for a farewell dinner. Book your return flight for late on the evening of Day 12 (after 9:00 p.m.). A more realistic schedule might be to plan to spend the evening in Anchorage and then arrange a morning flight. Whatever your flight plans, be sure to book a flight that is changeable with a minimal penalty. We cannot guarantee your return date, although we commonly make it home on time!