Mt. Whitney Climb California  •  14,495'  •  4418m
Gear List

IMG Mt. Whitney Climb Gear List

This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for a mountaineering expedition. Most items are required. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute or delete items. Don't cut corners on the quality of your gear.

[  ]Long underwear top and bottom (light or medium weight)
[  ]Expedition weight long underwear top
[  ]Soft shell or fleece jacket
[  ]Soft shell pant, Schoeller fabric or similar stretchy, tight weave material
[  ]Waterproof/ breathable shell with hood
[  ]Waterproof/ breathable pants (full or ¾ length side zips preferred)
[  ]Warm, roomy down or synthetic insulated jacket with hood (*available for rent)
[  ]Wool or fleece hat that fits underneath a helmet
[  ]Neck gaiter or balaclava or Buff
[  ]Heavy insulated gloves (those who get cold hands easily may want to add mitts with shell)
[  ]Fleece or light weight climbing gloves
[  ]Heavy wool or wool/synthetic blend socks (bring one extra change)
[  ]Baseball or sun cap
[  ]Synthetic T-shirt (preferably white for hot days)
[  ]Avalanche transceiver (*available for rent)
[  ]Snowshoes with underfoot traction (*available for rent)
[  ]Full size internal frame pack, 4000-5000 cubic inches or 60-80 liters (*available for rent)
[  ]Sleeping bag with compression stuff sack, rated to approximately 0°F. (*available for rent)
[  ]Sleeping pad (*available for rent)
[  ]Plastic mountaineering boots (recommended for warmth) or leather climbing boots (must be rigid soled and insulated). For some persons with sensitive toes, single boots will not be warm enough. *Leather boots (Lowa Mountain Expert) are available for rent from SMI, and a limited supply of plastic double boots are available for rent in Bishop.
[  ]Full length gaiters
[  ]Crampons, fitted to your boots (*available for rent)
[  ]Sunscreen and lip balm, minimum SPF 15
[  ]Ice Axe, 60 or 70 cm. in length (*available for rent) wrist leash optional
[  ]Climbing harness (*available for rent)
[  ]Climbing helmet (*available for rent)
[  ]Two large pear shaped locking carabiners
[  ]Two sewn nylon webbing slings or tied 7mm Perlon accessory cord loops (approx. 24" in diameter)
[  ]One mechanical ascender (*available for rent)
[  ]Ski poles or trekking poles with baskets (*available for rent)
[  ]LED headlamp with spare pair of batteries
[  ]Dark glasses, UV rated, wrap around or with side protection
[  ]Double lens ski goggles or spare glasses
[  ]Two wide-mouth plastic water bottles, 1 liter capacity. Optional, bring insulating covers
[  ]Pocket knife
[  ]Plastic bowl, plastic insulated mug, spoon
[  ]Compact camera with cord to hang around neck and inside insulating layers
[  ]Personal lunch food for four days
[  ]Light toiletries: toothbrush and paste, small roll of t.p., ear plugs for sleeping
[  ]Personal FA kit to include moleskin or blister pads, a few Band-Aids, tape, aspirin, Advil, prescription medications, etc.

*Select items are available for rent directly from Sierra Mountaineering International. Please contact the IMG office for a copy of the rental form. It is most convenient to rent this gear on site from SMI rather than from IMG and incur shipping charges.

Included in your fee are dinners and breakfasts for the 4-day climb and all group equipment including shared tents, stoves, climbing ropes and hardware. Not included is transportation to the trailhead, lodging the evening prior to the start of the climb or the last night of the trip, or meals other than breakfasts and dinners on the program.