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Aconcagua Climb

Argentina • 22,840' • 6962m

Aconcagua Climb Photo Gallery

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Our Aconcagua climb went very well. I think the route is an excellent way to experience all this great mountain has to offer. The guides were spectacular and complimented each other very well... Having been with IMG on the Everest ABC Trek and on Kilimanjaro, I had very high expectations for this adventure. And this experience lived up to those expectations in every way! Thanks as always to IMG, I look forward to a future opportunity to participate in another of your programs!
~Doug I.

Guides and guiding companies are not all the same. The differences lie with the people and their attitudes. Being positive and passionate about their work and the success of their clients is what distinguishes one outfit from another. It was my personal experience, and what I heard from the others in my group, that sets IMG apart. They made it their business to pay attention to the small things that not only makes for a good trip, but can make the difference between success and failure. Most important, they were positive and fun to be with. Team work and team spirit was the priority.
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