MANASLU CLIMB Nepal  •  26,781'  •  8163m

2023 Manaslu Expedition Tentative Itinerary

Day 2023 Date Itinerary
1Sunday, Sep 3Arrive Kathmandu
2Monday, Sep 4In Kathmandu
3Tuesday, Sep 5Fly to Samagaon (3,500m / 11,480')
4Wednesday, Sep 6Acclimatization in Samagaon
5Thursday, Sep 7Acclimatization hiking in Samagaon
6Friday, Sep 8Acclimatization hiking in Samagaon
7Saturday, Sep 9Trek to Base Camp (4800m / 15,744')
8Sunday, Sep 10Rest day
9Monday, Sep 11Acclimatization hike
10Tuesday, Sep 12Acclimatization hike
11Wednesday, Sep 13Climb to Camp 1 (5800m / 19,024') for sleep
12Thursday, Sep 14Acclimatization, second night at Camp 1
13Friday, Sep 15Descend to Base Camp
14Saturday, Sep 16Rest Day
15Sunday, Sep 17Rest Day
16Monday, Sep 18Camp 1, overnight
17Tuesday, Sep 19Camp 1, acclimatization day
18Wednesday, Sep 20Camp 2 (6400m / 20,992'), overnight
19Thursday, Sep 21Camp 2, acclimatization day
20Friday, Sep 22Climb to Camp 3 (6800m / 22,304') and descend to BC
21Saturday, Sep 23Rest
22Sunday, Sep 24Rest
23Monday, Sep 25Rest
24Tuesday, Sep 26Camp 1 (5800m / 19,024')
25Wednesday, Sep 27Camp 2 (6400m / 20,992')
26Thursday, Sep 28Camp 3 (6800m / 22,304')
27Friday, Sep 29Camp 4 (7450m / 24,436')
28Saturday, Sep 30Summit, descend to Camp 3
29Sunday, Oct 1Descend to Base Camp
30Monday, Oct 2Contingency
31Tuesday, Oct 3Contingency
32Wednesday, Oct 4Contingency
33Thursday, Oct 5Pack up base camp
34Friday, Oct 6Samagaon
35Saturday, Oct 7Fly to Kathmandu

A Note on Dates: The actual ending date is flexible, depending on weather and conditions. We have a number of contingency days built into the itinerary, but normally climbers will change their international departure flights when they know exactly when the expedition is going to end. We recommend adding several contingency days to this itinerary below in case we must wait for weather or conditions.