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Vinson Massif Climb

Antarctica  •  16,067'  •  4897m

Vinson Massif Climb with International Mountain Guides

IMG Vinson Massif Climb Gear List

This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for an Antarctic mountaineering expedition. Most items are required. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute or delete items. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully compiled by Phil Ershler, the expedition organizer. Don't cut corners on the quality of your gear.

[  ]expedition size internal frame pack - it should be in the 6,000 cu in range
[  ]adjustable ski poles
[  ]ice axe - 60-70 cm is a very useful length for most people (The SMC Shuksan or Himalayan are quite good)
[  ]12 pt. crampons - make sure they will work with the boots you use
[  ]climbing harness
[  ]1 jumar
[  ]1 locking and 5 regular carabiners
[  ]double climbing boots with foam liners - these can either be good quality plastic boots like Asolo or you could also use the "Everest" type boots that are a double boot and gaiter combined
[  ]insulated over boots - not necessary if you are using "Everest" boots
[  ]regular gaiters - again, not necessary if you are using the "Everest" boots
[  ]camp booties - down or synthetic
[  ]sleeping bag - rated to minus 20
[  ]2 closed cell foam pads
[  ]3 sets of socks
[  ]medium weight polypro long johns - top and bottoms
[  ]expedition weight polypro long johns - top and perhaps the bottoms
[  ]pile type climbing pants
[  ]heavy pile jacket (Look at the Outer Limits jacket by Lowe)
[  ]down or synthetic vest
[  ]Gore-tex pants or bibs - full length zippers are required (Check out Lowe)
[  ]Gore-tex jacket (Look at Lowe)
[  ]warm down jacket - get a warm one but don't go too heavy
[  ]light down pants
[  ]1 balaclava
[  ]1 wool ski hat with ear flaps
[  ]1 pair of polypro gloves
[  ]1 pair of very good ski gloves (Look at the Alti by Outdoor Research)
[  ]warm mittens (Look at the Alti by Outdoor Research)
[  ]suntan lotion and lip protection
[  ]sunglasses
[  ]ski goggles - good quality with a double lens
[  ]one 1 litre wide mouth water bottle - with an insulated cover (OR makes the best)
[  ]1 stainless steel thermos bottle
[  ]1 small pee bottle
[  ]large, insulated drinking mug with a lid
[  ]2 Lexan spoons
[  ]1 good sized plastic bowl for eating
[  ]1 Bic lighter
[  ]1 knife
[  ]small amounts of personal toilet articles
[  ]2 rolls of toilet paper
[  ]small personal first aid kit
[  ]5 large plastic garbage bags
[  ]plenty of stuff sacks
[  ]a couple of spare, long straps for packing
[  ]Camera and extra battery
[  ]extra batteries
Note:  We are given an allowance of 50 lbs. per man for personal gear. This doesn't include the clothing that you'll be wearing when we get on the plane. When in doubt, bring it and we can do additional sorting in Punta Arenas. Stay in close contact with me regarding all of your equipment choices. Start putting the gear together early and become very familiar with all your equipment. Please do not wait until the last minute, especially with your boots.
International Mountain Guides Antarctic Vinson Climb Expedition
Recommended Gear

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Video: Antarctic Volleyball

IMG's Vinson Princes on their Court
"We love volleyball... it's more or less a sport."
(Video by: Greg Vernovage)

I am really impressed with your personal care and work at IMG. We got preparation mails, reminders, etc. and the mails are not copies from the years before; you compose them each anew. And now, after the trip, again you send us a mail with friendly words. So I understand that IMG is one of the best guiding companies in the world (or probably the best). We had a super nice team, and Mike and Chris are really outstanding persons. They managed the trip with the highest professionalism. And our team consisted of very nice and interesting people. We had a successful and great time with this extraordinary team. Thank you very much...
~Helmut (from Germany)
As usual, IMG did a wonderful job of making this adventure one that I will never forget.
~Nancy N.
We pack up camp and climb up the headwall... with outrageous views of Mount Shinn on our right and far below the broad white desert that seems to go to infinity. My breath is taken away. This is living. Whatever happens tomorrow on our summit push, I feel very lucky to be here.
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