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Khumbu Valley, Nepal • 17,300' • 5273m

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We put a lot of effort and research into choosing the right way to go for Everest, and I left the mountain without a doubt that we chose and were with the best organization and people on the hill. I think most of the rest of base camp knew it too...
I can say without reservations that the trip to Everest was the most rewarding adventure that I have experienced in my entire life. Your team and your expertise was without question top notch. From the moment Phil and I landed in Kathmandu to the time we departed the excitement never ended. I have been looking at some of the other wonderful treks that you offer and hope that in the near future will be able to book another adventure.
~Ray R.
You run a 1st class organization, and I credit the staff and the planning for adding to our success...
~Dale M.
I have done and do many sports that can get very dangerous very quickly if they are not managed correctly or respected accordingly. You nailed it! I may never go back to Nepal, however, I would call on IMG before any other company in future...
If I had to sum up what impressed me the most, I would have to say that it was never once in the entire 2-plus months, did I ever feel like IMG or its people ever cut a corner on anything. Everything was a class act, well organized, and people really seemed thrilled and enthusiastic about being a part of something great...
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