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Sajama Climb

IMG climbers on the summit of Alpomayo, Bolivia
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So... the headline is that trip #8 for me with IMG was pretty freakin' awesome... As a climber, I LOVED the fact that there was so much climbing packed into the trip... It is abundantly obvious you love what you are doing and genuinely [care] that people have fun, achieve their climbing goals and stay safe. That piece just makes for a really great atmosphere... which, in my opinion, is a big part of what keeps people coming back.
~Viki T.
Gotta say — and I have been on a lot of trips with you and different guiding companies — this rates as the best ever. The flawless planning and detail that went into this trip was remarkable. Everything, including the steak and sausage barbecue that awaited us as we came down from Illimani base camp, was superb. I cannot thank you and your staff and guides enough for this truly wonderful experience here in Bolivia... The climbing here is not for the feint of heart, and those two summit ridges were absolutely spectacular. So thanks again from a very happy guy and very satisfied client.
~Bill H.
I'm just not sure how to express how great it all was!... I don't think it all could have gone much more smoothly! As I've come to appreciate from past IMG expeditions, the logistics, staff, and team members on this IMG trip were as good as ever before, and you guys delivered another once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was able to see another country, meet some great new climbing partners, and also accomplish some cool things for myself. I climbed higher and camped higher than I have before and did some really challenging climbing along the way. Thanks for setting up the experiences in Bolivia. I look forward to more excellent adventures with IMG!
~Mary H.
Thanks again for the most amazing trip!!! I am still riding high from it... I am so excited to keep climbing with IMG and moving to the next level...
~Deborah R.
Bolivian climbs with International Mountain Guides
The guides were super, I would follow any of them anywhere...
~Ken G.
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