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High Alaskan Ascents

Wrangell/St. Elias, Alaska

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High Alaskan Ascents with International Mountain Guides

The Mt. Bona trip was everything I expected and then some. The place is absolutely beautiful... everyone worked and lived well together... the food selection was outstanding... and, I don't need to tell you how enjoyable Mark and Eric were. They both also seemed to get a special thrill out of the place and the people...
~Jim M.
George is simply the best at what he does. Hands down. George's trips are well planned, he doesn't miss any details. George puts the safety of each person first and foremost. If you want to learn from the best, climb with George Dunn...
~Bruce G.
After 10 years of mountaineering trips with close to a dozen different outfitters and guide services (as well as a number of self-organized trips,) I've learned what goes into making a climb challenging, enjoyable, fulfilling, and safe. George Dunn and his programs are top rate in my opinion: he has immense experience and knowledge; his programs are well organized and executed; he provides destinations and climbs that can fit a variety of skill levels, backgrounds, and interests; he brings an even-handed, level-headed positive attitude to the different circumstances encountered during an expedition; and his associate guides are excellent. In the future, whenever I feel the itch to get away and go climbing, I'll check on what George has scheduled before I make any other commitments!
~Marc C.
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