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Mt. Whitney Summit Climb

California  •  14,495'  •  4418m

Mt. Whitney Summit Climb Photo Gallery

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My Mt. Whitney trip couldn't have been better! I had the best time with the group and guides... As always, everything IMG does is first class in the mountains.
~Jennifer W.
Mt. Whitney provided a few new tastes of technical climbing, a reasonably tough challenge and one more opportunity to experience a mountain in the stellar company of IMG. Specifically, George Dunn (IMG) and Doug Nidever of SMI. This is my fourth climb with IMG and hopefully not my last. Every company in America, in any industry, should go to school at IMG for their tremendous service, relentless attention to detail and maximum level of great mojo (more companies desperately need IMG mojo)...
~Jeff M.
The ascent of the Mountaineer's Route on Mt. Whitney in the spring gave me the opportunity to develop the winter climbing skills I had learned on previous climbs on Mt. Rainier and other peaks. The route was challenging and the guides did an awesome job organizing every aspect of the trip. My experiences on this climb further motivated me to pursue my passion for mountaineering and served as great preparation for more challenging climbs I have done since...
~Perry J.
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