Tibet Trek to Cho Oyu and Everest  •  21,000'  •  6400m
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Tibet Trek Cho Oyu and Everest with International Mountain Guides

If you are interested in going on a real Tibet trek adventure, we've added a great option. Trekkers will travel with the climbing team from Kathmandu all the way to Cho Oyu. The route to Cho Oyu from Nepal is incredible via the Friendship Bridge and Friendship Highway. From Zhangmu we ascend one of the world's great canyons to the small Tibetan town of Nyalam (over 12,000' with great acclimatization hiking from here). Then, cross the 17,000' Tsong La pass and drop into the Tingri valley, where we stay in this famous town (at over 14,000', it is the historic trading partner with Namche Bazaar in the Khumbu).

After several days of acclimatization hiking on the beautiful hills above Tingri and at Cho Oyu Base Camp, join the Cho Oyu climbers on the yak supported trek up to Interim Camp (17,000'). Then, move on to Advanced Base Camp (18,500') just across the glacier from the famous Nangpa La pass to Nepal. You are right at the base of the mountain, surrounded by the big Himalayan peaks. Fit trekkers may accompany the climbers on the hike/scramble to Camp 1 (go over 20,000 feet, and then return to ABC). Then, descend to Tingri and drive the famous road built by the Chinese into the Rongbuk Everest BC. This is a very interesting drive and the Rongbuk Base Camp area is historic and spectacular... the perfect place for a couple days of mountain hiking by our well acclimatized trekkers.

Rongbuk Everest Base Camp

After hiking down to Cho Oyu Base Camp, you'll jeep over to the Rongbuk Monastery for the several nights. From here, we explore the Base Camp area and take a long hike up to Rongbuk Interim Camp (over 19,000 feet) on the East Fork of the Rongbuk Glacier (on the route pioneered by Mallory and the 1921 British Expedition). This is a serious trek for fit hikers.

If permitting with the Chinese allows, after finishing the trek, the team will head to Lhasa, and then from there back to Kathmandu by airline flight. If we can go to Lhasa, it will add four days to the itinerary so we can visit the towns Xegar and Xegatse en route and then the Potela, Johkang, Barkhor, and other famous sites in the city of Lhasa. There will be some extra cost for the Lhasa nights and flight back to Kathmandu. Lhasa is sometimes closed by the Chinese to tourists, so it is not 100% clear whether this is possible at this time, but we will try. Welcome to some "real" adventure travel, as there is some uncertainty here!

POSSIBLE LHASA VISIT: It has been difficult to visit Lhasa recently due to restrictions on tourists imposed by the Chinese government. However, Lhasa has opened the last several years during the autumn season. If it is possible, we WILL exit to Lhasa, spend several days there exploring the Johkang, Barkor, Potala, Sera, etc, and then fly back to Kathmandu. There will be some extra costs associated with this — but if we get the chance, we will take it!

Note on Dates

Dates are listed starting with the arrival day to Kathmandu to the arrival day back to Kathmandu at the end of the trip. The ending date for the Tibet Trek is fixed. The ending date for the Cho Oyu Climb is flexible, depending on weather and conditions. It would be normal to add at least 7 extra contingency days on the itinerary for the climb. If necessary, climbers will change their departure flights from Kathmandu when they know exactly when the expedition is going to end.

International Mountain Guides (IMG)

IMG is the oldest and most respected high-altitude climbing service in the world and its three principals, Eric Simonson, Phil Ershler, and George Dunn, have led and organized hundreds of expeditions worldwide. Each is an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide with Himalayan expedition experience including Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Shishapangma, and Cho Oyu. IMG's Himalayan mountaineering programs are organized and directed by Eric Simonson, one of the world's premiere expedition organizers. Under his direction IMG has conducted over 60 Himalayan expeditions. His teams include a group of professionals and Sherpas who are the best in the business. Since 1990, over 600 IMG team members have summited the world's classic 8,000-meter peaks, including Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma.