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Mt. Shuksan Climb

Washington  •  9,127'  •  2782m

Mt. Shuksan Climb Photo Gallery

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Thanks so much for the tremendous adventure and great climb of Mt. Shuksan. This experience only enhances my desire to further visit and explore wild places around the world... Safety is always a very important part of any adventure like this. I always felt safe with Dallas and the way he lead. Safety was always in the fore-front but not in a stifling or over-bearing way... IMG has already provided me with many, many great memories, and I am looking forward to more...
~James N.
I want to thank you and IMG for my trip to Mt. Shuksan last summer. Now every time I see it on a calendar or billboard, I can say 'I climbed that.' Eric and Aaron were great, and I would be glad to go on another trip with them...
~Bruce G.
I honestly don't think there are words in the English language that can adequately describe what an amazing and awesome trip I just had climbing Mt. Shuksan with IMG. I know you hear this constantly, but your guides and your company are so far above the rest of the industry that there is just no comparison... I will absolutely NEVER climb with any other company. Why would anyone want to experience anything less than what your company offers?
~Polly P.
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