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Mt. Rainier Emmons Summit Climb

WA  •  14,410'  •  4392m

Mt. Rainier Emmons Route Photo Gallery

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IMG Emmons climbers on the summit of Mt Rainier
Can't even thank you enough for the incredible experience I just had summiting Mt. Rainier with your company... What a remarkable team of guides we had. Making the summit was an amazing experience, but if it had not been for our awesome guides, the whole trip would not have been nearly as incredible as it was. Thank you for putting together such a fine team of exceptional guides. They were patient, funny, experienced, knowledgeable, and excellent teachers. I always felt safe and had a blast. I will definitely be climbing with you again... Thanks again. You guys are simply the best! I'll be back.
~Polly P.
Thanks again for the Emmons Glacier climb, it was unbelievable. I'm still walking around on cloud nine and planning my next climb...
~Bob G.
IMG partners George Dunn (over 500 summits), Phil Ershler (over 420 summits) and Eric Simonson (over 280 summits) on the summit of Mt. Rainier for George Dunn's 500th summit climb.
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