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Ouray Ice Climbing

Ouray Ice Climbing Festival, Colorado

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First and foremost we had a Fantastic time! Dan and Cedric are excellent guides: they provided more feedback on how to improve our ice climbing in one day than we received in three days of clinics at the Ice Festival... In addition to being great teachers, [they] also made the experience fun with their great attitude, positive outlook and communication skills... we will be back next year!
~Giovanni D. L.
IMG has done it again with a challenging, rewarding and well-executed trip... I knew next to nothing about ice climbing (except that it looks really cool in pictures) when I started the trip. During the 3 days out in the Ouray Ice Park, IMG guides Justin and Sondra taught me the necessary skills I needed... IMG always stresses safety in every aspect of the trip, and the 3 day Ouray trip was no different. Ice climbing for the first time can be nerve-racking enough, but when you know that every knot is secure, crampons are on your feet the right way, and the person on belay is not going to let you fall, the nerves subside so you can focus on climbing! The entire trip was incredibly fun, and I cannot believe how much I learned in such a short time period. I think this trip should be on everyone's list even if you don't plan to climb in the Himalayas or Denali. This 3 day trip left me with such a sense of accomplishment and reward... not to mention, some really cool looking pictures...
~Becky B.
...She taught me to climb with my feet. I was amazed how far I could go without the tools I see everyone using. My gloves got wet, my hands got cold, but with her encouragement and gentle guidance, I got up two-thirds of the wall just with hands and feet! And in the process, I forgot about cold and wet and pain; I began to see why people do this over and over again, and why my husband and his friends return year after year.
~Sarah Cousins Hoopes
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Thanks so very much for the GREAT climb with Jeff, Justin, and Farmer this past week. It was my first experience ice climbing, and their professionalism, expertise, and instruction really helped me reach beyond my expectations. I'm hooked and hope to make it back next year!!
~Patricia W.
Just wanted to let you guys know that the course this weekend was amazing. Having climbed with IMG, I went in with high expectations, and they were exceeded. Mark and Gary were great guides and mixed in lots of mileage with technical stuff... Thanks for a spectacular weekend.
~Scott M.
The Ice Climbing Seminar is out of control. You stay in a hotel all week and the ice park is just a couple minutes away. George's assistant guides are great. They are very good teachers. It's amazing how fast everyone picked up the ice climbing skills. Our skills and confidence improved every day. At the end of each day we'd hit the outdoor hot tub, drink a few beers, and talk about our adventures of the day. Our group pushed each other to do better every day, and we did...
~Bruce G.
The entire trip was top notch... We were not treated like weekend warriors. We had lots of fun, but we also learned valuable skills and were given the opportunity to prove ourselves as climbers (even if we were novices). That's what I'm looking for in a guide service. I need experts, not babysitters. I want skills, not pampering. That's what I experienced in Ouray, and I can't wait to continue using your services as I plan the next phase of my climbing life...
~Nate M.
Ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado with George Dunn and International Mountain Guides has become an annual event for me and a few friends. The guides are knowledgeable and fun, the access is easy and the climbing is great! All this combined with evenings relaxing and socializing with fellow clients and guides makes Ouray a wonderful respite from life in the real world...
~Keith C.
Just got back from Ouray and had a great time, even better than last year, and I didn't think that was possible! We expected it to be a fun trip, but I do believe that IMG has once again out done itself.
~Stacey R.
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