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The Matterhorn

Switzerland  •  14,692'  •  4478m

The Matterhorn Photo Gallery

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Video: IMG Matterhorn Climb

IMG Matterhorn climb. Video by: Calvin Sherst

I have no doubt that my success on the Matterhorn was because I was climbing with George... he knows what it takes not just to get to the top, but more crucially, to get the whole team down safely. I trust him implicitly.
~Bob G.
I want to let you know that I am grateful that I got my money's worth. I worked so hard to be able to afford the trip and it was worth every cent...
~Gary G.
George is simply the best at what he does. Hands down. George's trips are well planned, he doesn't miss any details. George puts the safety of each person first and foremost. If you want to learn from the best, climb with George Dunn...
~Bruce G.
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