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Lhotse Climb

Nepal  •  27,940'  •  8516m  •  4th Highest in the World

Lhotse Summit Climb Photo Gallery

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When I saw Lhotse for the first time so high above the Nepalese clouds, I got very impressed and estimated my chances of success to be less than 20%. IMG simply boosted my expectations to 100%. Thanks to their undisputable experience and best-in-class professionalism, I realized my dream in only 7 weeks — start to finish. This was an incredible experience, which I recommend to any qualified climber from around the world. From the Everest base-camp and above, it became obvious to me that IMG was the leading expedition — second to none — on the ground...
~Philippe D. A.
If I had to sum up what impressed me the most, I would have to say that it was never once in the entire 2-plus months, did I ever feel like IMG or its people ever cut a corner on anything. Everything was a class act...
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