2017 Everest Expedition Nepal  •  29,035'  •  8850m
Expedition Coverage

IMG's 2017 Mt. Everest Expedition Coverage

Led by Eric Simonson, Ang Jangbu Sherpa, Greg Vernovage, Emily Johnston, Josh McDowell, Phunuru Sherpa, Luke Reilly, Dallas Glass and Jonathan Schrock


Yesterday's Summiters Descend; Amazing NO O2 Ascent!

May 25, 2017

The Classic climbers from the 25th have descended to Camp 2. Jonathan and the Hybrid climbers are overnighting at the South Col, so they will be descending to Camp 2 in the morning.

We had three more summiters later in the day on the 25th, including our first summit climb of Everest by a NO O2 climber. James Brooman from England prepared well, and we worked with him to put together a logistical plan that made this possible, starting mid-March in the Khumbu for additional acclimatization time. Knowing that one of the biggest challenges for climbers without oxygen is the extreme cold, James left the South Col at 12:50am, hours after the IMG Classic and Hybrid teams, so he would not have as long a time climbing in the cold night. He was joined by Thunang and Thilen, who were using O2 (and also carrying some extra in case of emergency). The weather was perfect, just as we had hoped, and he summitted at 10:44am making it to the top in just under 10 hours and was back to the Col by about 3pm. No supplemental O2 was used by James. The threesome are also staying the night up there and will descend tomorrow. Congrats to:

1James Robert BroomanUK
2Thunang Lhomi (Hattiya)Nepal
3Thilen Bhote (Hattiya)Nepal

Great job team!

—Eric Simonson, IMG Partner

Classic and Hybrid Climbers 100% on Top!

May 24, 2017 (9pm Pacific Time; 9:45am Nepal Time)

It's been a good day so far on Everest, and all of today's Classic and Hybrid climbers have made the summit! They are now descending.

Congratulations to the team!

1Christopher Luke ReillyUSA
2Jonathan Floyd SchrockUSA
3Patrick Gerard Mauro IIUSA
4Daniel KhouriUSA
5Cesar VasquezUSA
6Philippe Jean Pierre CayrolFrance
7Jason Keith WolfeUSA
8Greg J BarberCanada
9Sharon Janice MarstonAustralia
10Andrew Armstrong TowneUSA
11Chhewang Lendu (Phortse)Nepal
12Sonam Jangbu (Phortse)Nepal
13Rita Geljen (Thame)Nepal
14Pemba Gyalzen I (Phortse)Nepal
15Pasang Nima (Phortse)Nepal
16Pemba Tshering (Phortse)Nepal
17Mingma Sherpa (Phortse)Nepal
18Pasang Kami I (Phortse)Nepal
19Ang Pemba (Thame)Nepal
20Dawa Tenzing (Thame)Nepal
21Sona Chhiri (Juving)Nepal
22Lakpa Dendi (Juving)Nepal
23Mingma Chhiri (Kharikhola)Nepal
24Sonam Dorjee (Phortse)Nepal
25Ang Pemba (Thame) Nepal

We still have a small team going up without oxygen, and we'll report on their progress separately. We also have climbers attempting Lhotse tomorrow, so there are several more days of climbing up high for the IMG team members and Sherpas.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe descent!

—Eric Simonson, IMG Partner

IMG Climbers Passing the South Summit

May 24, 2017 (4pm Pacific Time; 4:45am Nepal Time)

Greg reports from EBC that the weather is holding and that the team is making good progress.

The lead climbers are getting close to the summit, and others are getting close to the South Summit. So far so good!

—Eric Simonson, IMG Partner

IMG Team Above the Balcony

May 24, 2017 (2:45pm Pacific Time; 3:30am Nepal Time)

The Hybrid and Classic climbers are now above the Balcony (~27,500) and making good progress. They report light winds and clear skies.

It's a great night to be climbing Mt. Everest!

—Eric Simonson, IMG Partner

Hybrid and Classic Team at the South Col

May 24, 2017

Our Hybrid and Classic Teams had a great climb to the South Col today. They made great time and had a good afternoon eating, drinking, and snoozing in their tents at Camp 4.

The winds were gusty today, but now they are starting to die down, as forecasted, and the climbers are getting ready to depart the Col this evening (Nepal time). These climbers have worked hard to set themselves up for the summit bid and are excited to have their shot at standing on top! We'll keep you posted as todays summit day progresses.

All the IMG climbers from the 22nd have returned to EBC and are starting to make their way home. Everyone who is still here making their summit push wanted to thank them for their support. Thank all of you at home who are pulling for us as well!

All is well on Mount Everest.

—Greg Vernovage, Expedition Leader