2017 Everest Expedition Nepal  •  29,035'  •  8850m
Expedition Coverage

IMG's 2017 Mt. Everest Expedition Coverage

Led by Eric Simonson, Ang Jangbu Sherpa, Greg Vernovage, Emily Johnston, Josh McDowell, Phunuru Sherpa, Luke Reilly, Dallas Glass and Jonathan Schrock


Teams Shuffling Camps on Everest; 100% on Lobuche Peak

April 24, 2017

IMG guide, Dallas Glass, and the first wave of Classic climbers successfully descended from Camp 2 back to Base Camp this morning.

At the same time, Josh and Ryan moved from Camp 1 to Camp 2, and Jonathan and the Hybrid Team moved up the Icefall to Camp 1.

Down at Lobuche, Luke and the Team 3 climbers were 100% on the summit of Lobuche Peak. Well done!! Tomorrow the team will move back to Everest Base Camp, and Ang Pasang will start taking down the Lobuche BC. That's a wrap for IMG on Lobuche (until the Autumn season).

—Greg Vernovage, Expedition Leader

Waiting on Icefall Route Repairs; Team 3 Dance Party

April 23, 2017

It all starts with a plan (and then changes)...

IMG climbers were up and ready to move at all camps this morning when we got word that a few ladders were out in the Icefall. At Base Camp, we had some of our Classic climbers and the Hybrid Team ready to head up to Camp 1, along with more of our Sherpa Team, but we sent them all back to bed when it became clear that the Icefall route was closed for the day.

After letting the Icefall Doctors know that ladder repairs needed to be made, we got on the radio with Dallas and the Classic climbers at Camp 2 in order to let them know that they could not descend as planned and would be getting a bonus acclimatization day up high! All is well with the climbers at Camp 2, and they plan on descending back to EBC tomorrow morning.

Down on Lobuche, Luke and the rest of the Team 3 climbers are at High Camp and looking forward to their climb tonight.

Team 3 put together a little dance-mix summary of their experience (video: Daphne Briggs)

The Rope Fixing Team is also on their way down for a huge congratulations and a well-deserved rest after getting the fixed ropes in up to the South Col.

The next goal will be to plan for the rope-fixing to the Summit which can only happen when the mountain and weather say it is ok to go.

All is well on Mount Everest!

—Greg Vernovage, Expedition Leader

Sherpa Rope-Fixing Team Reaches South Col

April 22, 2017

We heard from Greg earlier today, and he reports that all is well on Everest. He did give us an update on the Sherpa Fixing Team: they made the yellow band yesterday then pushed on up to the South Col today. "Those guys are crushing it! Their hard work is not going unnoticed here at EBC," said Greg.

It was a busy day for Greg, so we'll get a little more out of him tomorrow.

—Tye Chapman