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Denali Climbing Expedition

Alaska  •  20,320'  •  6194m

Denali Climbing Expedition with International Mountain Guides

Climb Denali with IMG

You asked, and IMG is happy to deliver. In conjunction with Denali concessionaire Alaska Mountaineering School (AMS), IMG is proud to announce our boutique expedition for Denali. At 20,320', Denali is simply the tallest mountain in North America and one of the most coveted of the fabled Seven Summits.

IMG owners and guides have been climbing Denali since the early 1970's. In fact, they were some of the first to guide on Denali. The four owners of IMG have over 50 ascents of Denali between themselves. That's an experience base which is hard to match. This trip will be staffed with IMG/AMS guides. Our 3 week expedition is limited to 6 customers led by by two guides. That's a total of 6 spots this year for this popular expedition. The personal service for which IMG is famous will be one of the distinguishing factors of our Denali program.

With only one departure, you can be assured that you won't be just another number among many. Constant, personal contact throughout the planning stages will be yet another reason to climb with IMG. Think about it — would you appreciate being able to email Eric Simonson, George Dunn or Phil Ershler with a climbing question or help in selecting a piece of equipment? Or, is it important to you to speak directly to your lead guide a question or concern? We have based IMG on the philosophy that the personal touch and access to the company owners is very important in creating a successful expedition, especially one as serious as Denali, and that is what you'll receive.

Anyone considering Denali is concerned about risk. IMG’s record in the mountains is amongst the best in the business and our guides are world class. We pride ourselves on our reputation for success in the mountains, but even more so for our ability to manage risk for our customers over thirty plus years of operation on many hundreds of adventures spanning all seven continents. Our main priority is helping you to achieve the adventure of a lifetime and then returning you back home at the end of the expedition.

Who Are The Guides?

Our guide staff is a big attraction to many IMG customers and now you have an opportunity to climb with those same leaders on Denali, the Great One. Our Denali guides are often the same guides leading our Himalayan, Vinson, South American, and Rainier programs. Joining these guides on Denali will allow you to continue a relationship that you have built with them on other programs, or to start building a rapport with guides prior to a Himalayan climb, Vinson expedition, or other trip. Feel free to contact us to learn who your Denali expedition leaders will be and to get in touch with them directly. Don't allow yourself to get lost in the shuffle with a company and guide staff you don't feel completely comfortable with. As always, the most important question to ask when considering an expedition is simply "who are the guides?"

The trip will operate under a concession contract held by Alaska Mountaineering School. This Talkeetna-based company owned by Colby Coombs and Caitlin Palmer provides another layer of strength and support to our programs. AMS has a comprehensive Base camp set-up in Talkeetna for us to use on our way in and out of town. Denali with the combined strength of IMG and AMS working together — what could be better?

The key is to act quickly. Remember, we will only take 6 customers this year. This allows us to create the small, highly personalized program we want on Denali. No more cookie cutter Denali climbs.

Denali is a great climb and a great experience. Join IMG to get the most of your time, training, and effort, and to give yourself the best chance at success.

Why Choose IMG?

The advantages of IMG's program are clear. We personally select the group of 6 climbers based on their resumes and past experiences. Our group is small and manageable. The trip leaders are chosen for their past experience on Denali, but that is just one part of the equation. The lead guides have a wealth of climbing knowledge based on years of climbing experience around the world. Our guides go to Denali prepared to have a fun, relaxed trip, with a proven strategy for the best chance of success and then return back home again at the end of the expedition.

What are IMG's prerequisites, and how do I train for a Denali Expedition?

Denali is a physically demanding climb. For IMG's requirements for participation and detailed advice on training for this expedition, please see our Denali FAQ page »

Denali Climbing Expedition with International Mountain Guides
Dates and Prices

June 25, 2014 (FULL; led by Aaron Mainer)

Landcost: $7500

Trip Reports and Cybercasts

IMG's 2013 Denali Expedition by Jorge Velarde

I left the mountain without a doubt that we chose and were with the best organization and people on the hill. I think most of the rest of base camp knew it too.
I want to inform you that I really was a bit surprised, that all the logistics and work on the mountain was as perfect as clock work. I thought that with so many people and so much stuff there could be also a small mistake or something, but nothing... all worked really perfect.
I have to say, in my opinion, IMG ran one excellent expedition! I have done and do many sports that can get very dangerous very quickly if they are not managed correctly or respected accordingly. You nailed it!
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