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Chamonix Alpine Climbs


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International Mountain Guides Chamonix Alpine Climbs

In a nutshell, IMG was the class of the mountain. I can't imagine climbing with any other group.
~Bruce D.
Every time I go on one of George Dunn's expeditions, I come back saying, 'that was the best adventure I've ever been on'!!... I had the time of my life on each trip.
~Bruce G.
I found the trip to be varied and challenging — it was a great learning experience. I have no doubt that my success on the Matterhorn was because I was climbing with George, as opposed to hooking up with one of the Swiss guides. George is great at assessing the abilities of his team members and pushing them without putting anyone at risk. I climb with George because he's been at it so long, and he knows what it takes not just to get to the top, but more crucially, to get the whole team down safely. I trust him implicitly.
~Bob G.
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