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Cascades School and Custom Climbs with International Mountain Guides

Cascades School and Custom Climbs Itinerary

You will need to arrive in the greater Seattle area or SeaTac Airport no later than the evening prior to your scheduled climb. Lodging this night is at your expense. Your scheduled guide may want to make arrangements to meet you the following morning to carpool to the trailhead, or you will be responsible for providing your own transportation to the North Cascades Ranger Station approximately two hours driving time from Seattle.

Day Itinerary
Day 1Meet at the North Cascades Ranger Station at 8:00 a.m. for group registration. Hike in to camp below the intended objective and establish camp. The evening can be spent in review of ropes, knots, rigging and preparation for the following day.
Day 2First available day for training, instruction or an ascent of a peak as per your arrangement with IMG.
Day 3Continued training and climbing or descent to trailhead and return to Seattle.
Day 4+Add additional training and climbing days as your schedule and interest permits. Recommended trip length is 3-5 days for maximum climbing opportunities.
IMG Cascades School and Custom Climbs
The professionalism demonstrated by IMG's guides as well as the high standards that they hold their clients up to maximized our chances of reaching the summit...
~Greg Y.
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