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Bhutan Laya Gasa Lingshi Trek


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Young monks on the Bhutan trek

As I looked around, it was hard not to gasp — the drama of the Himalayan mountains is astounding... However, as we pressed onward, day after day, it became acutely apparent that the rewards of our toil were not only in the views, but also with the people we met, the homes we entered and the laughter we shared.

I don't think I will ever forget watching one of our herders, hands gripped firmly to the tail of his yak, skidding across the grassy valley as if on water skis. 2000 pounds versus 120 pounds the odds lay in favor of the yak but I had to give the herder credit for tenacity. My mother turned sixty that evening, and we were fed our second cake of the day, still warm and buttery from being tipped by Raj Kumar, only moments before, from its baking tin.
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