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Classic Climbs in the Alps with International Mountain Guides

IMG Classic Climbs in the Alps Gear List

This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for a mountaineering expedition. Most items are required. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute or delete items. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully compiled by George Dunn, the expedition organizer. Don't cut corners on the quality of your gear.

[  ]Boots: Rigid, insulated, lug-sole climbing boots. One of the new insulated, rigid soled leather/synthetic boots is perhaps best, but a plastic double boot will work as well.
[  ]Socks: 2 changes of heavy wool or synthetic, with liners
[  ]Gaiters: ankle length works well and looks more European
[  ]Longjohns: Synthetic tops and bottoms
[  ]Pants: Synthetic stretch climbing pants (Schoeller fabric) or light fleece
[  ]Rain pants: Lightweight, waterproof/breathable with full length zippers to go on over boots and crampons
[  ]Shirt: Expedition weight top (100 weight "Polartec" or light fleece)
[  ]Fleece or soft shell jacket
[  ]Rain/wind shell: Waterproof/breathable jacket with hood
[  ]Warm parka: Down or synthetic filled with hood - should not be expedition weight. A sewn through down sweater or synthetic insulated jacket will do.
[  ]Hat: Wool or fleece
[  ]Sun hat or baseball hat
[  ]Gloves: 2 pair. Gore-Tex ski gloves or fleece lined climbing gloves are best, along with a pair of lighter wool or synthetic gloves.
[  ]Mittens: (optional) fleece or synthetic insulation with storm proof over shells
[  ]Ice axe: 50-60 cm. preferred with a wrist leash
[  ]Crampons: 12 point, reasonably sharp
[  ]Seat harness
[  ]Carabiners: One locking and two non-locking
[  ]Climbing helmet UIAA rated climbing helmet
[  ]Headlamp: Bring extra set of batteries and extra bulb. Flashlight is insufficient
[  ]Sunglasses: Very dark, with side shields. Spare pair recommended
[  ]Water bottles: 2 one-quart, wide mouth, plastic bottles
[  ]Sun cream: And lip balm, SPF 15 or higher
[  ]Pack: Internal frame pack with capacity of 30-35 liters (1800-2200 cubic inches) - NOT an expedition sized pack
[  ]One (1) collapsible 3-section ski pole
[  ]First aid kit: Each individual should carry a small personal first aid kit to avoid depletion of the group kit. Consider the following items: aspirin or Tylenol; ibuprofen; antacid (Pepto Bismol, Rolaids, etc.); Bandaids; athletic tape; moleskin or Compede.
[  ]Hiking shorts
[  ]T-shirts
[  ]Lightweight toilet kit

Optional items:
[  ]Small digital camera for the climbs
[  ]Neck gaiter Or light balaclava
[  ]Ski goggles
[  ]Ear plugs: For those nights in the huts
IMG director George Dunn leads The Classic Climbs in the Alps with International Mountain Guides
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After 10 years of mountaineering trips with close to a dozen different outfitters and guide services (as well as a number of self-organized trips), I've learned what goes into making a climb challenging, enjoyable, fulfilling, and safe. George Dunn and his programs are top rate in my opinion: he has immense experience and knowledge; his programs are well organized and executed; he provides destinations and climbs that can fit a variety of skill levels, backgrounds, and interests; he brings an even-handed, level-headed positive attitude to the different circumstances encountered during an expedition; and his associate guides are excellent. In the future whenever I feel the itch to get away and go climbing, I'll check on what George has got scheduled before I make any other commitments...
~Marc C.
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