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March 3, 2009
The News Tribune

Discovery Channel will follow local climbing party on Everest

by Craig Hill; The News Tribune

A local climbing party will get some air time in the thin air on Mount Everest this spring.

Ashford-based International Mountain Guides has been selected by the Discovery Channel for its annual series "Everest: Beyond the Limit."

A Discovery Channel crew will follow the IMG group and a party from France's Himalayan Experience, IMG co-director Eric Simonson said today.

Simonson, IMG's Himalayan director who was elected to the board of the American Alpine Club last month, will lead the team from base camp.

Simonson says IMG has helped 179 people from 14 countries reach Everest's 29,032-foot summit since 1991.

IMG is already laying the groundwork for the expedition. According to the IMG website, 6,600 pounds of gear has been shipped to Kathmandu. The gear is currently being taken by Yak to base camp where the Sherpa team is building camp.

The climb is scheduled for March 22 - May31.

An air date has not been announced for the show.

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