Trip Assure Travel Insurance  

Trip Assure Travel and Cancellation Insurance

IMG requires that all* trip participants purchase Travel Insurance that includes coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation and medical expenses for the duration of their IMG program. Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended, as our fees are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. Trekking and mountaineering programs are true "adventure travel." As such, each program requires long lead-times — for us as a guide service and for you as a participant — in order to properly plan and prepare. Unexpected life events occur. Your travel plans might change due to illness while you are abroad or because of a family emergency even before you leave home. Our recommendation is that you protect your investment and welfare against these unexpected circumstances so you and your loved ones can prepare for your upcoming adventure with more peace of mind.

We recognize that deciding on the right insurance policy can become confusing and even trying. We've created this page to assist you in understanding the basics of this type of insurance and our suggestions for you. As our expertise lies in helping you to the top of mountains — not in the nuances of insurance policies — we strongly recommend that you address specific questions with your insurance agent and take the time to thoroughly understand any policy you purchase.

*The insurance requirement does not apply to IMG customers on programs within the continental USA but is strongly encouraged.

Trip Assure — Assure Adventure Plans

Trip Assure — offers 2 policy choices that will work for all* of our customers:

Assure Adventure — Specific Reasons for Cancellation

Assure Adventure Plus — Cancel for Any Reason (Must be purchased within 15 days of registration). Please note that in order to submit a claim under "Cancel for Any Reason," Trip Assure requires that you insure 100% of the cost of your program including program fees, airfare, hotels, visa fees, etc. You must contact Trip Assure to increase your coverage if your total costs increase at any time up to the start of your trip date. Please review the details of your policy carefully and contact Trip Assure directly with questions.

Just complete the "Get a Quick Quote Form" and quotes for both products will be presented:

*Customers living outside the US will need to use International Mountain Guides address when purchasing their policy:
31111 SR 706 E, Ashford, WA 98304

Both of these products come with built in coverage for mountaineering.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are eligible for coverage when purchasing your plan within 15 days of initial trip payment.
  • Trip cancellation coverage of 100% of trip cost, up to $100,000. Trip interruption coverage of 150% of trip cost, up to $150,000.
  • Medical evacuation/repatriation coverage of up to $500,000.

Additional Remarks

Contacting Trip Assure by phone? When speaking with a Trip Assure representative by phone, please note that IMG's agency number is #INTE3111WA Trip Assure Call Center: 800-423-3632

Pre-existing medical conditions? If you purchase your policy within 15 days of initial trip payment for your IMG Program, certain pre-existing medical conditions may be eligible for coverage.

Haven't purchased your airfare yet? No problem. Purchase your plan within 15 days of your initial trip payment. Then once you have your airfare, give Trip Assure a call to add more coverage for the cost of your airfare.

Not sure you purchased the right plan? Don't worry. You have a 14 day review period to look things over and receive a refund of the policy premium if not fully satisfied.

Please be sure to review the plan details for more information. This web page is a partial description of benefits. Per Trip Assure, your individual policy will govern the final interpretation of any provision or claim.