Mt. Shuksan Climb Washington  •  9,127'  •  2782m
Gear List

IMG Mt. Shuksan Climb Gear List

This equipment list is meant to help you compile your personal gear for a mountaineering expedition. Most items are required. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand the function of each piece of equipment before you substitute or delete items. Keep in mind that this list has been carefully compiled by the expedition organizer. Don't cut corners on the quality of your gear.

[  ]Long underwear top and bottom (light or medium weight)
[  ]Expedition weight long underwear top
[  ]Fleece or soft shell jacket ***
[  ]Stretchy, dense weave synthetic climbing pants
[  ]Waterproof/ breathable shell with hood ***
[  ]Waterproof/ breathable pants (full side zips preferred) ***
[  ]Warm, roomy down or synthetic jacket with hood (not an 8000 meter jacket) ***
[  ]Wool or fleece hat
[  ]Insulated ski or climbing gloves ***
[  ]Fleece or lightweight climbing gloves
[  ]Heavy wool or synthetic socks with liners (one extra change)
[  ]Baseball or sun cap
[  ]Lightweight synthetic shirt for sunny days

[  ]Full size internal frame pack, 55 to 65 liters (around 4,000 cu. in.) ***
[  ]Sleeping bag with stuff sack, rated to at least 20°F.
[  ]Sleeping pad
[  ]Leather climbing boots are recommended — must be rigid soled and insulated; double plastic boots *** are acceptable for the Sulphide Glacier in May and June
[  ]Full or calf length gaiters
[  ]10 or 12 Point crampons, fitted to your boots ***
[  ]Sunscreen and lip balm
[  ]Ice Axe, 60 or 70 cm. in length, with wrist leash ***
[  ]Climbing harness with adjustable leg loops ***
[  ]Climbing helmet ***
[  ]3 Carabiners (One locking pear shaped)
[  ]Adjustable trekking or ski poles *** with snow baskets
[  ]Headlamp, LED, bring an extra set of batteries
[  ]Dark glasses, UV rated with side protection (wrap around or side shields)
[  ]Double lens ski goggles
[  ]Two wide-mouth plastic water bottles, 1 liter capacity
[  ]Pocket knife
[  ]Plastic bowl, plastic insulated mug, spoon
[  ]Camera. The smaller and more convenient the camera the more opportunity you will have to photograph the climb. Your cell phone does the trick nicely.
[  ]Personal lunch food for each day on the mountain. Bring a variety of your favorite foods. Include easy to eat snacks for the trail.
[  ]Light toiletries: toothbrush and paste, small roll of t.p., ear plugs for sleeping (wind or snoring tent mates)
[  ]Personal FA kit to include moleskin, a few Band-Aids, tape, aspirin, Advil, etc. Also consider bringing a water treatment system and/or insect repellant depending on the season.
[  ]2 Large heavy duty plastic garbage bags for keeping gear dry in the pack.

Included in your fee are dinners and breakfasts for the climb, all group equipment including shared tents, stoves, climbing ropes, hardware and climbing permits. Not included is transportation to the trailhead, lodging the evening prior to the start of the climb or the last night of the trip, or meals other than breakfasts and dinners on the program.

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