Rainier Mountaineering Day School WA  •  14,410'  •  4392m
Gear List

Rainier Mountain Day School Gear List

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The list below is designed to help you identify everything you will need on your trip. Each piece of gear is accompanied by a description to help you understand its use and a recommended example. All items on this list are there for a reason and are, unless specified, they are required.

International Mountain Guides will supply the necessary group climbing equipment including ropes for the school. You will need to supply your own personal climbing equipment including clothing, double-plastic or insulated climbing boots, ice axe, crampons, food and water. This Personal Equipment List is for your guidance. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand its function. Consult with us before you make any substitutions. Several of the more specialized items (i.e. plastic double-boots, crampons, ice axe) can be rented from us at the IMG base in Ashford. Please consult our Rental Information.

[  ]*Internal frame pack adequate in size to carry lunch, water, clothing, crampons and ice axe
[  ]*Ice axe
[  ]*Helmet
[  ]*Harness
[  ]*10 or 12-point crampons, ADJUSTED TO YOUR BOOTS
[  ]1 wool or fleece hat
[  ]1 sun hat (ball cap and/or bandanna)
[  ]1 pair light gloves (not fingerless) and 1 pr. thick insulated gloves (like ski gloves)
[  ]1 light or mid-weight synthetic underwear top and bottoms
[  ]1 expedition-weight or light fleece top
[  ]*1 Soft shell jacket (fleece jacket is acceptable)
[  ]*Gore-Tex (or equivalent) shell jacket with hood
[  ]1 pair.soft-shell pants (i.e. Outdoor Research Exos Pant)
[  ]*Gore-tex (or equivalent) shell pants, preferably with full side zips
[  ]*Plastic double-boots or insulated single climbing boots
[  ]Gaiters (make sure they are large enough to cover the plastic double-boots)
[  ]1 complete set, synthetic or wool socks
[  ]Personal medical kit: keep it light but include at least: Band-Aids, moleskin, aspirin/ibuprofen, small roll of adhesive tape and personal medications.
[  ]*1 pair glacier glasses with side shields
[  ]Sunscreen and lip screen, high spf rating
[  ]Small supply of toilet paper (in Ziplock bag)
[  ]2 one liter water bottles
[  ]1 large garbage bag to protect gear from rain
[  ]Trail lunch and personal snacks; bring plenty of snack food for a vigorous day: various types of energy bars, candy, dried fruit, nuts, drink mix (if desired).


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with your gear selection.