Mt. Rainier Backcountry Touring Seminar WA
Gear List

Backcountry Touring Seminar Gear List

This Personal Equipment List is for your guidance. Please consider each item carefully and be sure you understand its function; consult with us before you make any substitutions. Several of the more specialized items (i.e. plastic double-boots, crampons, ice axe) can be rented from us at the IMG base in Ashford. Please consult our Rental Information.

Avalanche Rescue Gear:
[  ]Avalanche Beacon*
[  ]Collapsible Avalanche Shovel*
[  ]Collapsible Avalanche Probe*

Backcountry Ski or Snowboard Travel Gear
[  ]Skis with Alpine Touring Bindings, AT Boots, and Skins or
[  ]Skis with Telemark Bindings, Telemark Boots, and Skins or
[  ]Splitboard, Snowboard Boots, and Skins

[  ]Warm Hat or Beanie
[  ]Sun Hat
[  ]Synthetic Base Layer Top and Bottoms
[  ]Soft Shell Jacket*
[  ]Hard Shell Jacket*
[  ]Soft Shell Pants
[  ]Hard Shell Pants*
[  ]Light Gloves
[  ]Warm Snow Gloves*
[  ]Warm Socks

Additional Gear
[  ]Goggles and/or Sunglasses*
[  ]Two Trekking/Ski Poles with large baskets*
[  ]25-35L Backpack
[  ]2 Liters of Water (Two 1 L wide mouth water bottles recommended)
[  ]Lunch and Snack Food
[  ]Sunscreen (at least SPF 30)
[  ]Lip Balm
[  ]Headlamp*

Optional Gear
[  ]Snow Saw
[  ]Snow Study Kit
[  ]Camera
[  ]Map and Compass
[  ]Ski Helmet

*Available for Rent: