2006 Everest South Side Expedition 
Directed by Eric Simonson • Led by Mark Tucker 

Expedition Team

Leadership Team:

    Eric Simonson
    IMG Director
    Eric Simonson International Mountain Guides Director Eric has been a professional mountain guide since 1973 and has personally conducted over 85 major expeditions around the globe, including over 25 to the Himalayas. He has become recognized internationally as one of the world's premiere mountaineering expedition leaders, specializing in climbs of Mt. Everest and the other classic 8,000m peaks of the Himalayas. During his thirty-year professional career he has spent over 5,000 days of active guiding, and is a Senior Certified Alpine Guide and Ski Mountaineering Guide. His international guiding and climbing resume includes expeditions on every continent of the globe, including ascents of the "Seven Summits" and eleven expeditions to Mt. Everest, reaching the summit in 1991 via the North Ridge.

    Eric co-authored Ghosts of Everest, published by The Mountaineers Books in October 1999, sharing the story of his 1999 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition and recently named as one of the 20th Century's 50 best mountaineering books by the American Alpine Club. He also co-authored Detectives on Everest, published by The Mountaineers Books in July 2002, recapping the 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition which conducted the world's highest archeology project and culminated with the accomplishment of the highest mountaineering rescue in history.
    Mark Tucker
    Expedition Leader
    Climbing guide Mark Tucker International Mountain Guides Mark Tucker has been guiding since 1985, with Mt. Rainier as the starting point. Since then, he has climbed and guided classic peaks on seven continents, with the summit of Mt. Everest as his high point. Mark's extensive experience in South America, Africa and the Himalayas, combined with his lengthy career guiding on Rainier and Denali in the US, makes him a super member of our guide team. When not in the hills, he leads a fun-filled Other Life. Passions by land include mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and gardening (he's still working on the golf game.) By water, he enjoys surfing, kayaking, wind surfing , scuba diving , water skiing, and fishing, and by air, hang gliding.
    Ang Jangbu Sherpa
    Deputy Leader
    Climbing guide Ang Jangbu Sherpa International Mountain Guides Jangbu is a partner and director of Great Escapes, a premier trekking and climbing agency in Nepal. Jangbu grew up in the village of Phortse where he attended the Hillary school until the age of 18. In 1981 he moved to Pokhara and lived there for seven years and trained under the legendary Colonel Jimmy Roberts, the founder of Nepal's first trekking company and the trekking industry in the Nepal Himalaya. He then moved to Kathmandu and started Great Escapes with his two other partners in the spring of 1993. Jangbu is married and has two children. He has been on dozens of expeditions, including summitting Everest on the 1990 American Everest Expedition. Jangbu has climbed Europe's Mt. Blanc and most of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado, and has served as assistant instructor for Colorado Outward Bound.
    Dave Hahn
    Climbing guide Dave Hahn International Mountain Guides Dave Hahn began guiding big mountains in 1986, initially on Mounts Rainier and McKinley. As of Spring 2006, he'd completed 223 ascents of Mount Rainier and 21 attempts at Denali (with 15 summits.) Experience on these two challenging mountains led Dave to begin climbing for and with International Mountain Guides in 1991. To date, he has managed to cram in 14 expeditions to 8000 meter peaks — leading, guiding and documenting IMG expeditions in the Himalaya. Dave has guided Cho Oyu's summit twice and has been to the top of Mount Everest six times. He guided Gary Johnson (former governor of Dave's home state, New Mexico) to Everest's top in 2003 and played a prominent role in three "search" expeditions attempting to unravel the mysteries of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on Everest in the  1920's.

    Dave has also guided for IMG in Antarctica, where he has been to the summit of the Vinson Massif 23 times (far and away the record number of ascents for Antarctica's highest point.) He has also made a specialty of guiding climbing trips by ship to Antarctic shorelines, in particular, he led the first successful guided crossing of the "Shackleton Traverse" on the Island of South Georgia.

    IMG work took Dave to the Swiss and French Alps for several seasons, as well as to an attempt on Mount St Elias in the gulf of Alaska. Dave's home is in Taos, New Mexico where he still ski patrols and maintains his status as an avalanche professional and EMT. He has had articles published in Outside Magazine and has contributed to the authorship of several climbing books (read some of Dave Hahn's columns.) In 2001 Dave was awarded the Denali Pro Mountaineer of the Year by the National Park Service (for rescues on Denali) and the David A. Sowles award by the American Alpine Club (for rescues close to Everest's summit.)
    Justin Merle
    Climbing guide Justin Merle International Mountain Guides Justin grew up climbing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He began guiding in 1999 and now shares his passion for the mountains on trips all over the world. A senior guide on Mount Rainier, he has summited over 50 times. Justin has guided successful expeditions on Mt. McKinley in Alaska and Aconcagua in Argentina. He has a B.A. in Geology, is a Wilderness First Responder and is certified in Outdoor Emergency Care. When not guiding, he dabbles in substitute teaching. He spends his free time climbing rock and ice, running, cycling, skiing and also being lazy.
    Brenda Walsh
    Island Peak and Icefall guide
    Climbing guide Brenda Walsh International Mountain Guides Brenda lives in Seattle and has been a climbing guide for nine years. She's a senior guide on Mt. Rainier and expects to reach her 100th summit this summer. Her guiding has taken her to Alaska, Mexico, South America, and this spring to the Himalayas. Her certifications include: WFR, U.S. Avalanche Level III, LNT, and she has a B.A. in Geography (GIS). When not guiding, Brenda balances her guiding lifestyle by being the program manager for Team Survivor NW in Seattle, a nonprofit providing fitness programs for women cancer survivors. She is also the event manager for an annual fundraising climb on Mt. Rainier that supports the Chris Hooyman Outdoor Education Fund. For fun, Brenda likes to telemark, randonee ski, snowboard, rock climb, run, and play soccer.
    Ang Passang Sherpa
    Climbing Sirdar
    Climbing guide Ang Passang Sherpa International Mountain Guides Ang Passang has been working for IMG as a climbing sirdar since 1997. Ang Passang has been on a dozen expeditions to Everest alone and has summited four times. He has also summited Cho Oyu three times and has climbed on Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. Ang Passang is from the village of Pangboche and is married with four children.

    Ang Passang, Pangboche (Sirdar)
    DaNuru, Phortse
    Karma Rita, Phortse
    Pasang Rinzing, Phortse
    Mingma Tenzing, Phortse
    Ang Namgya, Pangboche
    Kami Passang, Khumjung
    Nima Karma, Phortse
    Cheppi Bhote, Makalu
    Mingma Tshering, Phortse
    Pemba Dorje, Pangboche
    Tashi Dorje, Pangboche
    Ang Phinjo, Phortse
    Samduk Dorje, Pangboche
    Ang Karma, Phortse
    Dorje Lama, Beganje

    Mingmar, Solu
    Lhakpa Bhote, Makalu

    Pemba Tshering, Baganje
    Nima Tashi, Baganje

    To be determined

    Dennis Kellner plus Phinjo, Phortse
    Jean Francois Carrey plus Dawa Nuru, Phortse
    Bud Allen plus Ang Chhiring (Kami), Pangboche
    Paul Adler plus Dasona, Pangboche
    Fiona Adler plus Mingma Ongel, Phortse
    John Turner plus Phu Nuru, Phortse
    Sophia Danenberg plus Panuru, Phortse
    Jack Gerstein plus Tashi Tshering, Pangboche

    James Gagne
    Dan Griffith
    Brenda Walsh (Island Peak and Icefall guide)

    Walter Laserer (guide)
    Markus BŁel
    Karl Flock

    Greg Hollun
    Richard Strekal

    Kenette Hayter
    Marvin (Sunny) Harris Jr.
    Jennifer Parr
    Terri Allen

(guides, climbers, trekkers, and icefall climbers)

    Juerg Bandle
    Greg Hollun
    Richard Strekal
    Brenda Walsh
    Markus BŁel
    Karl Flock
    Walter Laserer
    Michelle Piro
    Dena Lasater
    Mona Ching
    Dan Griffith
    James Gagne

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