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Trekking Tibet to Cho Oyu and Everest base camps with International Mountain Guides
I pay for the expertise, but I hope for a complete experience — I got it all... I can safely say I won't climb with any outfit but IMG.
~Jeff M.
International Mountain Guides director George Dunn leading an ice climbing seminar in Ouray, Colorado
I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that your organization is first-rate in every respect. Thanks for everything... I hope to make use of your services again...
~Tom G.
Reviews of International Mountain Guides from past climbers and trekkers
I want to let you know that I am grateful that I got my money's worth. I worked so hard to be able to afford the trip and it was worth every cent...
~Gary G.
Elbrus Climb with International Mountain Guides
In a nutshell, IMG was the class of the mountain. I can't imagine climbing with any other group. It seemed like many (the majority?) of the groups had no real plan, no type of actual guiding going on... We had a plan and moved as a team. We acclimatized right, rested at the right times and when the summit push came we were ready to roll...
~Bruce D.
Avalanche Training with Paul Baugher of International Mountain Guides
If I had to sum up what impressed me the most, I would have to say that it was never once in the entire 2-plus months, did I ever feel like IMG or its people ever cut a corner on anything. Everything was a class act, well organized, and people really seemed thrilled and enthusiastic about being a part of something great...
Trekking and climbing the Dolomites of Italy with International Mountain Guides
In short, you run incredible expeditions to the degree that if all the 'clients' out there climb with you just once, all the other outfits will go out of business. And when people ask me how many people were on the trip, I don't say 3 guides and 9 clients, I say we had a team of 12. And that is very important. Thanks again for an outstanding two weeks...
~Brian S.
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