Autumn 2001 Cho Oyu Expedition 
Directed by Eric Simonson • Lead by John Race 

John Race
John Race, IMG
Expedition Intro
International Mountain Guides conducts Cho Oyu expeditions in both Spring and Autumn. The Autumn 2001 expedition is the tenth time IMG has conducted this trip since 1995 (eight of nine previous expeditions successful, over 65 persons to the summit). The IMG Cho Oyu trips are organized by Eric Simonson.

This years autumn trip is led by IMG Senior Guide John Race. This is John's fifth expedition to Tibet (he summitted Cho Oyu on the 1996 IMG expedition). John is a long time senior guide on Mt. Rainier and Mt. McKinley and (when not guiding elsewhere) operates his own company, Northwest Mountain School, serving youth climbing programs. John was a member of the 2001 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition and he will get help on the Cho Oyu trip from Rainier guide Olivia Cussen, who will be the Base Camp manager for the team.

Team Members
This year's team includes climbers Bruce Turner, Chris Nichols, and Slate Stern. On a non-guided basis, climbers Reid Carter, Mike Bell, Scott Johnston, and Steve House will also join the team. Trekker Gavin Symonds rounds out the group and provides extra company at BC and ABC. We will be supported by Sherpas Ang Pasang, Ang Chhiring (Kami), Phu Nuru, Da Nuru, and cook Pemba Tshiri. These Sherpas have all been on many IMG expeditions. Ang Passang and Kami are from Pangboche and have each summitted Everest and Cho Oyu several times. Da Nuru and Phu Nuru are from Pangboche. Da Nuru has climbed Everest twice, and Cho Oyu several times. Phu Nuru has summitted Cho Oyu and was with us on Everest this past spring. This is Pemba's fourteenth IMG expedition as cook. We are climbing with an AWESOME Sherpa team that we are proud to count as friends and team members, not just hired help.

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