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Ouray Veteran's Seminar

Ouray Ice Climbing Festival, Colorado

Ouray Veteran's Seminar with International Mountain Guides

IMG Ouray Veteran's Seminar Itinerary

Day Itinerary
Day 1Group meets at 8:00 a.m. at the Ouray Victorian Inn's breakfast room. After a general introduction of the instructors and the team and a brief discussion of appropriate clothing and equipment, the group will walk to the nearby training area located in the Ouray Ice Park. Prior to the start of training, the guides will discuss standards of safety and Leave No Trace ethics to be maintained by the group throughout the program. Topics to be covered on Day 1 will likely include: French technique/flat footing skills on lower angle ice; working on balance over the feet, flat footing and then front pointing; top-roped climbing without tools. The latter part of the day will be spent top-roping Grade II to III ice to develop technique. Other skills to be introduced include belaying and self/partner rescue techniques.
Day 2Continued top-roping in the Ouray Ice Park, gradually increasing the difficulty of pitches up to Grade III with the introduction of additional techniques as appropriate. Other topics of discussion and applied practice will include anchors (screws, bollards and threaded runners), anchor systems and rappelling.
For the Three-Day Seminar add the following sessions:
Day 3Lead climbing skills. We will practice on single and possible multiple pitch climbs placing screws on the lead, setting up belays, and swapping leads. Students may simulate leads with a top-rope backup.

For the Five-Day Seminar add the following sessions:
Day 4Advanced skills. A multiple pitch climb will be attempted as conditions permit to introduce students to an array of advanced skills. Smaller instructor/student ratio (1:2) will allow for fine-tuning of individual technique. We will likely visit one of the other ice climbing areas nearby. This is a great day, putting to use all of the skills we have learned to this point. The climbing will not be more difficult, just a “real life” climb led by the guide, natural belay stations and a beautiful view.
Day 5Advanced skills, continued. We will have the opportunity to top-rope harder problems, grade IV and up. Techniques will be introduced for dealing with the steepest and thinnest ice as well as mixed terrain. We may also take the opportunity to visit another of the areas surrounding Ouray for more fun climbing.

For the Ouray 5-Day Expedition Training Seminar Itinerary and Private Program Custom Itineraries , please contact the IMG office and George Dunn, Ouray Program Director.

George Dunn and International Mountain Guides lead climbs outside of the Ouray Ice Park on land located on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests under special use permit from the Forest Service, USDA.

International Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity service provider

IMG ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado
This trip is a Don't-Miss. The scenery is excellent, the town is cool and funky, the pace is relaxed, the company is fun, and the climbing is exquisite...
~Bob G.
Ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado with George Dunn and International Mountain Guides has become an annual event for me and a few friends. The guides are knowledgeable and fun, the access is easy and the climbing is great! All this combined with evenings relaxing and socializing with fellow clients and guides makes Ouray a wonderful respite from life in the real world...
~Keith C.
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