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Chulu Peak Climb & Annapurna Trek

Nepal • 21,059' • 6419m

Chulu Peak Himalayan Climb and Annapurna Nepal Trek with International Mountain Guides

Chulu Climb & Annapurna Trek 2012 Itinerary

Please see the the Annapurna IV Expedition Itinerary for the
Spring 2012 Annapurna IV Base Camp Trek »

Date Day Chulu Peak Climber Annapurna Circuit Trek
Mon, Oct 08Day 1Arrive KathmanduArrive Kathmandu
Tue, Oct 09Day 2Free DayFree Day
Wed, Oct 10Day 3Drive to Besisahar and on to NgadiDrive to Besisahar and on to Ngadi
Thu, Oct 11Day 4ShyangeShyange
Fri, Oct 12Day 5TalTal
Sat, Oct 13Day 6TimungTimung
Sun, Oct 14Day 7BradangBradang
Mon, Oct 15Day 8HumreHumre
Tue, Oct 16Day 9ManangManang
Wed, Oct 17Day 10ManangManang
Thu, Oct 18Day 11Chulu East BCYak Kharka
Fri, Oct 19Day 12Chulu East BCYak Kharka, day hike
Sat, Oct 20Day 13Chulu East BCPhedi
Sun, Oct 21Day 14High CampMuktinath
Mon, Oct 22Day 15Summit Chulu Far East and return BCJomsom
Tue, Oct 23Day 16restPokhara
Wed, Oct 24Day 17High CampKathmandu
Thu, Oct 25Day 18Climb Chulu East and return BC
Fri, Oct 26Day 19Spareday
Sat, Oct 27Day 20Manang
Sun, Oct 28Day 21Yak Kharka
Mon, Oct 29Day 22Phedi
Tue, Oct 30Day 23Muktinath
Wed, Oct 31Day 24Jomsom
Thu, Nov 01Day 25Pokhara
Fri, Nov 02Day 26Kathmandu

Note:  The schedule may vary according to mountain conditions, weather patterns, group abilities, etc.

Chulu Peak and Annapurna Nepal Trek with International Mountain Guides Everest Base Camp Nepal Trek
I was very impressed with how everything was so well organized. It seemed like every little detail was covered. IMG is way better than the others. Way better! You guys are the best in the business...
~Jim P.
I further want to inform you, that in Kathmandu, [Ang Jangbu's staff] did a very, very good job after the trip. It was possible for Kiran to get flights for more than 10 people in a few days to all the different destinations. (We also have to manage many flights, and I know, what a difficult and sometimes stupid work it is nowadays to deal with the airlines!!)
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