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Annapurna IV Expedition

Nepal  •  24,688'  •  7525m

Annapurna IV with International Mountain Guides

IMG 2015 Annapurna IV Itinerary

Day Date Climbers
Day 127-Aug-15Arrive Kathmandu
Day 228-Aug-15Free day
Day 329-Aug-15Fly Kathmandu to Pokhara, overnight hotel
Day 430-Aug-15Fly Pokhara to Humre (Manang Airport) by charter flight overnight lodge
Day 531-Aug-15Acclimatization day
Day 61-Sep-15Day hike to Braga and Manang villages
Day 72-Sep-15Rest day
Day 83-Sep-15Trek to Annapurna IV base camp
Day 94-Sep-15Base Camp
Day 105-Sep-15Base Camp
Day 116-Sep-15Fix to camp 1
Day 127-Sep-15Carry to camp 1
Day 138-Sep-15Move to camp 1
Day 149-Sep-15Fix to camp 2
Day 1510-Sep-15Carry to camp 2
Day 1611-Sep-15Move to camp 2
Day 1712-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 1813-Sep-15Rest
Day 1914-Sep-15Rest
Day 2015-Sep-15Camp 1
Day 2116-Sep-15Camp 2
Day 2217-Sep-15Fix to camp 3
Day 2318-Sep-15Move to camp 3
Day 2419-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 2520-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2621-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2722-Sep-15Rest day
Day 2823-Sep-15Camp 1 (Sherpas to camp 2)
Day 2924-Sep-15Camp 2 (Sherpas to camp 3)
Day 3025-Sep-15Camp 3 (Sherpas fix upper mountain)
Day 3126-Sep-15Summit and back to camp 3
Day 3227-Sep-15Descend to base camp
Day 3328-Sep-15Contingency
Day 3429-Sep-15Contingency
Day 3530-Sep-15Contingency
Day 361-Oct-15Contingency
Day 372-Oct-15Contingency
Day 383-Oct-15Pack up base camp and return to Humre
Day 394-Oct-15Fly Manang to Pokhara and on to Kathmandu
Day 405-Oct-15Free day in Kathmandu
Day 416-Oct-15Depart Kathmandu
Annapurna Climbing Expedition with International Mountain Guides
I want to inform you that I really was a bit surprised, that all the logistics and work on the mountain was as perfect as clock work. I thought that with so many people and so much stuff there could be also a small mistake or something, but nothing... all worked really perfect.
I wanted to say thanks for a great expedition. I was very impressed with the organization and facilities that were put together for the trip. Outstanding group of staff and in general the trip flowed with great ease because of the groundwork you've spent years perfecting. Thanks for the fantastic adventure!
~Kris E.
I can't say enough good things about both the logistics and the staff. I had plenty of ideas about how the trip should go and what was possible. Your expedition service surpassed all my expectations, provided me with the best opportunity to summit... and as such, I was successful in fulfilling a dream of 20 years. I will recommend your service to anyone interested. It was simply the best on the mountain.
~Dan G.
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